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PSALM 69. First Part. L.M.
Christ's passion and sinners' salvation. (cont.)

  7 The pangs of our expiring Lord
The honours of thy law restor'd:
His sorrows made thy justice known,
And paid for follies, not his own.
  8 O for his sake our guilt forgive,
And let the mourning sinner live!
The Lord will hear us in his name,
Nor shall our hope be turn'd to shame.

PSALM 69. Second Part. L.M.
The sufferings and zeal of Christ.

  1 'TWAS for my sake, eternal God,
Thy Son sustain'd that heavy load
Of base reproach, and sore disgrace;
And shame defil'd his sacred face.
  2 The Jews, his brethren and his kin,
Abus'd the man that check'd their sin:
While he fulfill'd thy holy laws,
They hate him, but without a cause.
  3 "My Father's house," said he, "was made,
"A place for worship, not for trade:"
Then scatt'ring all their gold and brass,
He scourg'd the merchants from the place,
  4 Zeal for the temple of his God
Consum'd his life, expos'd his blood;
Reproaches, at thy glory thrown.
He felt, and mourn'd them as his own.
  5 His friends forsook, his followers fled,
While foes and arms surround his head;
They curse him with a sland'rous tongue,
And the false judge maintains the wrong.
  6 His life they load with hateful lies,
And charge his lips with blasphemies;
They nail him to the shameful tree:
There hung my Lord, who died for me.

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PSALM 69. Second Part. L.M.
The sufferings and zeal of Christ. (cont.)

  7 Wretches, with hearts as hard as stones,
Insult his piety and groans;
Gall was the food they gave him there,
And mock'd his thirst with vinegar.
  8 But God beheld; and from his throne
Mark'd out the men that hate his Son:
The hand that rais'd him from the dead,
Shall pour due vengeance on their head.

PSALM 69. Third Part. C.M.
God glorified in the obedience and death of Christ.

  1 FATHER, I sing thy wond'rous grace,
   I bless my Saviour's name;
He bought salvation for the poor,
   And bore the sinner's shame.
  2 His deep distress hath rais'd us high:
   His duty and his zeal
Fulfill'd the law, which mortals broke,
   And finish'd all thy will.
  3 His dying groans, his living songs
   Shall better please my God,
Than harp's or trumpet's solemn sound,
   Than goat's or bullock's blood.
  4 This shall his humble follow'rs see,
   And set their hearts at rest:
They by his death draw near to thee,
   And live for ever blest.
  5 Let heav'n and all that dwell on high,
   To God their voices raise,
While lands and seas assist the sky,
   And join t'advance the praise.
  6 Zion is thine, most holy God:
   Thy Son shall bless her gates;
And glory, purchas'd by his blood,
   For thine own Israel waits.

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