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PSALM 65. Third Part. P.M.
The province of God in the seasons. (cont.)

  1 The rains return, the ice distils,
And plains and hills forget to mourn.
  2    The lofty mountains stand,
   Establish'd by thine arm:
   Thy voice the ocean stills,
   The tumult, and the storm.
Thro' earth and skies, with terror spread,
Thy tokens dread, all lands surprise.
  3    The morn with glory crown'd,
   Thy hand arrays in smiles;
   Thou bid'st the eve decline,
   Rejoicing o'er the hills.
Soft suns ascend; the mild wind blows;
And beauty glows to earth's far end.
  4    Thou mak'st the pasture green;
   Thou call'st the flocks abroad;
   The springing corn proclaims
   The footsteps of our God.
Both bird and beast partake thy care,
And happy share the gen'ral feast.
  5    Thy show'rs make soft the fields;
   On ev'ry side, behold!
   The rip'ning harvests wave
   Their loads of richest gold.
The lab'rers sing with cheerful voice,
And, blest, rejoice in God their King.
  6    The thunder is his voice;
   His arrows blazing fires;
   He glows in yonder sun,
   And smiles in starry choirs.
The balmy breeze his breath perfumes;
His beauty blooms, in flow'rs and trees.
  7    With life he clothes the spring;
   The earth with summer warms;

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PSALM 65. Third Part. P.M.
The province of God in the seasons. (cont.)

  7    He spreads th' autumnal feast,
   And rides in wintry storms.
His gifts divine thro' all appear,
And round the year his glories shine.

PSALM 66. First Part. C.M.
Our graces tried by afflictions.

  1 SING, all ye nations to the Lord,
   Sing with a joyful noise;
With melody of sound record
   His honours, and your joys.
  2 Say to the Pow'r that shakes the sky,
   "How terrible art thou!
"Sinners before thy presence fly,
   "Or at thy feet they bow."
  3 He rules by his resistless might;
   Will rebel mortals dare
Provoke th' Eternal to the fight,
   And tempt that dreadful war?
  4 O bless our God, and never cease;
   Ye saints fulfil his praise;
He keeps our life, maintains our peace;
   And guides our doubtful ways.
  5 Lord, thou hast prov'd our suff'ring souls,
   To make our graces shine:
So silver bears the burning coals,
   The metal to refine.
  6 Thro' wat'ry deeps, and fiery ways,
   We march at thy command;
Led, to possess the promis'd place,
   By thine unerring hand.

PSALM 66. Second Part. C.M.
Praise to God for hearing prayer.

  1 NOW shall my solemn vows be paid
   To that Almighty Pow'r,

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