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PSALM 42. Second Part. L.M.
Hope in affliction. (cont.)

  6 Thy light and truth shall guide me still:
Thy word shall my best thoughts employ;
And lead me to thine heav'nly hill,
My God, my most exceeding joy.

PSALM 43. P.M.
Complaint mingled with hope.

  1 MY God, defend my cause
Against a host of foes:
O! save me from th' unjust,
Who triumph in my woes.
   Why dost thou faint,
   My trembling heart?
   To God impart
   Thy sad complaint.
  2 Why dost thou, O my shield,
Desert me thus forlorn?
Why, hated and oppress'd,
Thus bid me ceaseless mourn?
   To God I fly;
   In God I'll trust,
   When low in dust
   My head shall lie.
  3 Now to thy sacred house
With joy direct my feet;
Where saints, with morning vows,
In full assembly meet.
   Thy power divine
   Shall there be shown,
   And from thy throne
   Thy mercy shine.
  4 O! send thy light abroad:
Thy truth with heav'niy ray
Shall lead my soul to God;
And guide my doubtful way.

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PSALM 43. P.M.
Complaint mingled with hope. (cont.)

  4    I'll hear thy word
   With faith sincere,
   And learn to fear
   And praise the Lord.
  5 There reach thy bounteous hand,
And all my sorrows heal;
There health and strength divine
O! make my bosom feel.
   Like balmy dew,
   Shall Jesus' voice
   My bones rejoice,
   My strength renew.
  6 Then in thy holy hill.
Before thine altar, Lord,
My harp and song shall sound
The glories of thy word.
   Henceforth to thee,
   O God of grace,
   A hymn of praise
   My life shall be.
  7 My soul, awake to joy,
And triumph in the Lord,
My health, my hope, my song,
And my divine reward.
   Ye fears remove;
   No more I mourn;
   But blest, return
   To sing his love.

PSALM 44. C.M.
The Church's complaint in persecution.

  1 LORD, we have heard thy works of old,
   Thy works of pow'r and grace;
When to our ears our fathers told
   The wonders of their days.

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