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PAGE 078:

PSALM 40. Third Part. L.M.
Christ our sacrifice. (cont.)

  8 The wond'ring world shall learn thy grace,
"Thy wisdom and thy righteousness."

PSALM 41. L.M.
Charity to the poor.

  1 BLEST is the man whose bowels move,
And melt with pity to the poor;
Whose soul, by sympathising love,
Feels what his fellow saints endure.
  2 His heart contrives, for their relief,
More good than his own hands can do:
He, in the time of gen'ral grief,
Shall find the Lord has bowels too.
  3 His soul shall live secure on earth,
With secret blessings on his head;
When drought, and pestilence, and dearth.
Around him multiply their dead.
  4 Or, if he languish on his couch,
God will pronounce his sins forgiv'n;
Will save him with a healing touch,
Or take his willing soul to heav'n.

PSALM 42. First Part. C.M.
Desertion and hope.

  1 AS pants the hart for cooling streams,
   When heated in the chase:
So longs my soul, O God, for thee,
   And thy refreshing grace.
  2 For thee, my God, the living God,
   My thirsty soul doth pine:
O! when shall I behold thy face,
   Thou majesty divine?
  3 Tears are my constant food, while thus
   Insulting foes upbraid;
"Deluded wretch! where is thy God?
   "And where his promis'd aid?"

PAGE 079:

PSALM 42. First Part. C.M.
Desertion and hope. (cont.)

  4 'Tis with a mournful pleasure now
   I think on ancient days;
Then to thy house did numbers go,
   And all our work was praise.
  5 But why's my soul sunk down so far
   Beneath this heavy load?
Why do my thoughts indulge despair,
   And sin against my God?
  6 Hope in the Lord, whose mighty hand,
   Can all thy woes remove:
For I shall yet before him stand,
   And sing restoring love.

PSALM 42. Second Part. L.M.
Hope in affliction.

  1 MY spirit sinks within me, Lord,
But I will call thy name to mind;
And times of past distress record,
When I have found my God was kind.
  2 Huge troubles with tumultuous noise
Swell like a sea, and round me spread;
Thy water-spouts drown all my joys,
And rising waves roll o'er my head.
  3 Yet will the Lord command his love.
When I address his throne by day.
Nor in the night his grace remove:
The night shall hear me sing and pray.
  4 I'll cast myself before his feet.
And say, "My God, my heav'nly Rock!
"Why doth thy love so long forget
"The soul, that groans beneath thy stroke?"
  5 I'll chide my heart that sinks so low;
Why should my soul indulge her grief?
Hope in the Lord, and praise him too;
He is my rest, my sure relief.

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