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PAGE 070:

PSALM 37. First Part. C.M.
The rewards of the righteous and the wicked. (cont.)

  6 True riches, with abundant peace,
   To humble souls are giv'n.
  7 Rest in the Lord, and keep his way,
   Nor let your anger rise;
Tho' providence should long delay,
   To punish haughty vice.
  8 Let sinners join to break your peace,
   And plot, and rage, and foam;
The Lord derides them, for he sees
   Their day of vengeance come.
  9 They have drawn out the threatening sword;
   Have bent the murd'rous bow,
To slay the men, that fear the Lord,
   And bring the righteous low.
 10 My God shall break their bows, and burn
   Their persecuting darts:
Shall their own swords against them turn,
   And pain surprise their hearts.

PSALM 37. Second Part. C.M.
Charity to the poor.

  1 WHY do the wealthy wicked boast,
   And grow profanely bold?
The meanest portion of the just
   Excels the sinner's gold.
  2 The wicked borrows of his friends,
   But ne'er designs to pay:
The saint is merciful and lends,
   Nor turns the poor away.
  3 His alms with iib'ral heart he gives
   Amongst the sons of need:
His mem'ry to long ages lives,
   And blessed is his seed.
  4 He fears to talk with lips profane,
   To slander or defraud:

PAGE 071:

PSALM 37. Second Part. C.M.
Charity to the poor. (cont.)

  4 His ready tongue declares to men,
   What he has learn'd of God.
  5 The law and gospel of the Lord
   Deep in his heart abide;
Led by the Spirit and the word,
   His feet shall never slide.
  6 When sinners fall, the righteous stand
   Preserv'd from ev'ry snare;
They shall possess the promis'd land,
   And dwell forever there.

PSALM 37. Third Part. C.M.
The way and end of the righteous and the wicked.

  1 MY God, the steps of pious men
   Are order'd by thy will:
Tho' they should fall, they rise again,
   Thy hand supports them still.
  2 The Lord delights to see their ways,
   Their virtues he approves;
He ne'er deprives them of his grace,
   Nor leaves the men he loves.
  3 The heav'nly heritage is theirs,
   Their portion and their home:
He feeds them now, and makes them heirs
   Of blessings long to come.
  4 Wait on the Lord, ye sons of men,
   Nor fear when tyrants frown:
Ye shall confess their pride was vain,
   When justice casts them down.
  5 The haughty sinner have I seen,
   Not fearing man or God:
Like a tall bay-tree fair and green,
   Spreading his arms abroad.
  6 And lo! he vanish'd from the ground,
   Destroy 'd by hands unseen:

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