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PSALM 36. First Part. S.M.
Atheism exposed. (cont.)

  2 Till his dark crimes, at once reveal'd,
   Expose his hateful name.
  3 His heart is false and foul,
   His words are smooth and fair:
Wisdom is banish'd from his soul,
   And leaves no goodness there.
  4 He plots upon his bed
   New mischiefs to fulfil:
He sets his heart, his hand and head,
   To practice all that's ill.
  5 But there's a dreadful God,
   Tho' men renounce his fear:
His justice, hid behind the cloud,
   Shall one great day appear.
  6 His truth transcends the sky;
   In heav'n his mercies dwell;
Deep as the sea his judgments lie;
   His anger burns to hell.
  7 How excellent his love,
   Whence all our safety springs!
O never let my soul remove
   From underneath his wings!

PSALM 36. Second Part. L.M.
General providence and special grace.

  1 LORD, thy mercy, my sure hope,
The highest orb of heav'n transcends;
Thy sacred truth's unmeasur'd scope
Beyond the spreading sky extends.
  2 Thy justice like the hills remains;
   Unfathom'd depths thy judgments are;
Thy providence the world sustains;
   The whole creation is thy care.
  3 Since of thy goodness all partake;
   With what assurance should the just

PAGE 069:

PSALM 36. Second Part. L.M.
General providence and special grace. (cont.)

  3 Thy shelt'ring wings their refuge make;
   And saints to thy protection trust.
  4 Such guests shall to thy courts be led,
   To banquet on thy love's repast;
And drink, as from a fountain head,
   Of joys that shall forever last.
  5 With thee the springs of life remain;
   Thy presence is eternal day:
O! let thy grace thy saints sustain:
   To upright hearts thy truth display.

PSALM 37. First Part. C.M.
The rewards of the righteous and the wicked.

  1 WHY should I vex my soul and fret
   To see the wicked rise?
Or envy sinners waxing great,
   By violence and lies?
  2 As flow'ry grass, cut down at noon,
   Before the ev'ning fades:
So shall their glories vanish soon,
   In everlasting shades.
  3 Then let me make the Lord my trust,
   And practise all that's good;
So shall I dwell among the just,
   And he'll provide me food.
  4 I, to my God, my ways commit,
   And cheerful wait his will:
Thy hand, which guides my doubtful feet,
   Shall my desires fulfil.
  5 Mine innocence shalt thou display;
   And make thy judgments known,
Fair as the light of dawning day,
   And glorious as the noon.
  6 The meek at last the earth possess,
   And are the heirs of heav'n:

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