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PSALM 25. Third Part. S.M.
Distress of Soul.

  1 MINE eyes and my desire
   Are ever to the Lord:
I love to plead his promises,
   And rest upon his word.
  2 Turn, turn thee to my soul;
   Bring thy salvation near:
When will thy hand release my feet
   Out of the deadly snare?
  3 When shall the sov'reign grace,
   Of my forgiving God,
Restore me from those dang'rous ways,
   My wand'ring feet have trod?
  4 The tumult of my thoughts
   Doth but enlarge my woe;
My spirit languishes; my heart
   Is desolate and low.
  5 With ev'ry morning light
   My grief anew begins;
Look on my anguish and my pain,
   And pardon all my sins.
  6 Behold the hosts of hell,
   How cruel is their hate!
Against my life they rise, and join
   Their fury with deceit.
  7 O keep my soul from death,
   Nor put my hope to shame:
For I have plac'd my only trust
   In my Redeemer's name.
  8 With humble faith I wait,
   To see thy face again:
Of Israel it shall ne'er be said,
   He sought the Lord in vain.

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PSALM 26. L.M.
Self-Examination: or, Evidences of grace.

  1 JUDGE me, O Lord, and prove my ways,
And try my reins, and try my heart;
My faith upon thy promise stays,
Nor from thy law my feet depart.
  2 I hate to walk, I hate to sit
With men of vanities and lies:
The scoffer and the hypocrite
Are the abhorrence of mine eyes.
  3 Among thy saints will I appear,
With hands well wash'd in innocence;
But when I stand before thy bar.
The blood of Christ is my defence.
  4 I love thy habitation, Lord,
The temple where thine honours dwell;
There shall I hear thy holy word,
And there thy works of wonder tell.
  5 Let not my soul be join'd at last
With men of treachery and blood;
Since I my days on earth have past
Among the saints, and near my God.

PSALM 27. First Part. C.M.
The Church is our delight and safety.

  1 THE Lord of glory is my light,
   And my salvation too:
God is my strength; nor will I fear
   What all my foes can do.
  2 One privilege my heart desires;
   O grant me an abode,
Within th' assemblies of thy saints,
   The temples of my God!
  3 There shall I offer my requests,
   And see thy beauty still;

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