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PSALM 16. Third Part. C.M.
Support in death, and hope of the resurrection. (cont.)

  4 There streams of endless pleasure flow;
And full discov'ries of thy grace
(Which we but tasted here below)
Spread heav'nly joys thro' all the place.

PSALM 16. Fourth Part. C.M.
Divine goodness and counsel.

  1 SAVE me, O Lord, from ev'ry foe;
   In thee my trust I place:
Tho' all the good, that I can do,
   Can ne'er deserve thy grace.
  2 Yet, here, thy children to sustain
   Shall be my lov'd employ;
Thy children, first and best of men,
   My friends, my highest joy.
  3 Let heathens to their idols haste.
   And worship wood, or stone;
But my delightful lot is cast
   Where the true God is known.
  4 The Lord provides my constant food,
   He fills my daily cup;
Much am I pleas'd with present good,
   But more rejoice in hope.
  5 God is my portion and my joy,
   His counsels are my light:
He gives me sweet advice by day,
   And gentle hints by night.
  6 My soul would all her thoughts approve
   To his all-seeing eye:
Not death nor hell my hope shall move,
   While such a friend is nigh.

PSALM 17. First Part. S.M.
The Portion of Saints and Sinners.

  1 ARISE, my gracious God,
   And make the wicked flee:

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PSALM 17. First Part. S.M.
The Portion of Saints and Sinners. (cont.)

  1 They are but thy chastising rod,
   To drive thy saints to thee.
  2 Behold the sinner dies,
   His haughty words are vain:
Here in this life his pleasure lies.
   And all beyond is pain.
  3 Then let his pride advance,
   And boast of all his store:
The Lord is my inheritance.
   My soul can wish no more.
  4 I shall behold the face
   Of my forgiving God;
And stand complete in righteousness,
   Wash'd in my Saviour's blood.
  5 There's a new heav'n begun
   When I awake from death,
Drest in the likeness of thy Son,
   And draw immortal breath.

PSALM 17. Second Part. L.M.
The hope and heaven of believers.

  1 LORD, I am thine; but thou wilt prove
My faith, my patience, and my love:
When men of spite against me join.
They are the sword, the hand is thine.
  2 Their hope and portion lie below;
'Tis all the happiness they know;
'Tis all they seek; they take their shares,
And leave the rest among their heirs.
  3 What sinners value I resign:
Lord, 'tis enough that thou art mine.
I shall behold thy blissful face,
And stand complete in righteousness.
  4 This life's a dream, an empty show;
But the bright world to which I go,

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