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Single Page Chapter VIII

PAGE 378:

he formerly had done, his customary ministerial duties. The decline of his health became, indeed, so visible, that the Consistory of the Church considered it their duty to excuse him from a part of his regular ministrations; and they accordingly passed the following resolution, a copy of which they directed to be delivered to him:

"In Consistory, 20th July, 1809.
"The Consistory taking into consideration the long and faithful services of the Rev. Doctor Livingston, their senior minister; and also considering his age, the ill state of his health, and his consequent inability to preach more than once on the Sabbath; therefore resolved unanimously, that this Consistory are willing to dispense with the afternoon public services of the Reverend Doctor Livingston, on the Sabbath, and that he preach every Sabbath morning only, unless he feels able and disposed to perform more service. Ordered, that the Rev. Mr. Kuypers, the President, be requested to deliver a copy of this resolution to the Rev. Doctor Livingston.

"Extract from the Minutes,

"ISAAC L. KIP, Sec."

As the Doctor was now exempted from a portion of his usual labours, and his removal to

PAGE 379:

New-Brunswick was expected to take place at a day, not far distant, the Consistory deemed it expedient to obtain as speedily as possible, a more ample supply of ministerial service. They soon after, therefore, invited the Rev. John Schureman, of Millstone, N. J., and the Rev. Jacob Brodhead, of Rhinebeck, N. Y., to come and serve them in the Gospel. These gentlemen accepted their calls, and were installed collegiate pastors with Dr. Livingston, Dr. Kuypers, and Dr. Abeel, in the autumn of this year.


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