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Single Page Chapter VII

PAGE 296:

The Church had now assumed a form, and possessed that magnitude and character which in his estimation entitled her to receive all due respect, as a body fully capable of self-government, and no longer subject to a foreign jurisdiction; but the Church in Holland, although it had advised and approved of the erection of independent judicatories here, did not readily recognise, it seems, the present system of organization, or exhibited some little unwillingness to yield altogether the right of dictation and control; at least, it was suspected that such a feeling existed, and he thus expresses himself in the letter, just referred to, upon the circumstance that led to the surmise. "The letter accompanying the acts of Synod, I have not opened, but have only taken notice of the address in which I find they implicitly deny our being a Synod, by giving us the same title we had before our present organization; and this is one thing I wish to know your sentiments upon; whether it would


gentlemen who will appear before the Synod to be examined" it is supposed that this first class was examined by that body, probably with a view, in part, that the Church at large, thus assembled, might see what proficiency they had made, under the professor's instruction.

For a long time, such examinations have been conducted by the several classes in the presence of Deputati Synodi.

PAGE 297:

not be proper for us by some article in our minutes, or by some clause in our letter, to express our sensibility upon their silence respecting our present judicatories; for, if we correspond, it ought to be continued upon the footing of mutual respect, or it may, in its consequences, soon be productive of some disagreeable events. Perhaps we have been too remiss in not taking notice of this before, or it is possible that silence may be the most prudent and eligible. I have not yet made up my own mind upon the subject, but will cheerfully refer myself to your judgment: I wish you would think upon it." There can be no doubt that the Synod took a proper notice of this apparently designed and reprehensible slight, as the future correspondence of the mother Church was, to the best of the writer's knowledge, perfectly respectful; but whether they did, or did not, it is plain that the Doctor himself was scrupulously jealous of the independence and dignity of the Church in the matter; and as in this, so in every other which tended in the smallest degree to the injury of either, directly or indirectly, he evinced through life, a like sensibility.

When the Synod met, a committee was appointed, of which it would appear he was chairman, to make and publish a selection of Psalms, for the use


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