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PAGE 160:

Monachism, to which the rise of the other can be traced, as light is from darkness, may be a question entitled to some consideration.

Mr Livingston, having completed the preparatory arrangements which he judged necessary to facilitate the prosecution of his studies, as soon as the session of the university opened, was admitted a member, and commenced a regular attendance upon several professors. Professor Bonnet, whose department was didactic and polemic theology, he considered his Gamaliel. He attended also Professor Elsnerus, in didactic theology: in the Hebrew language, and Jewish antiquities, Professor Ravius: in the biblical criticism of the New Testament, Professor Segaar: and subsequently, upon the Greek of the New Testament, Professor Van Goens,

These learned men, it ought to be observed, delivered all their lectures in the Latin language, and our young student not being sufficiently familiar with it to understand it in oral discourse, would not, at first, as may be supposed, hear them with either much interest or benefit. But, he applied himself afresh most assiduously to the study of the Latin classics; and, as he had been well grounded in the elementary principles of the language, he soon

PAGE 161:

acquired a competent knowledge of it. After a little while, as the result of this application, he found he could receive the instructions of his professors, without embarrassment or loss of any consequence.

Before he left the University, he could speak the Latin almost as readily as his native tongue, the Dutch equally or more so; and, to quote his own words, he "thought and wrote, and even prayed in secret, undesignedly, sometimes in Latin, and sometimes in Dutch."

Besides pursuing with ardour and diligence the studies that have been enumerated, he sought to improve every opportunity he had to gain useful information of any sort, or upon other subjects, though not immediately connected with theology; and for this purpose, he occasionally attended the pubhc lectures upon chemistry, anatomy, and dissections. During the whole period of his stay at the University, he appears to have conscientiously endeavoured to make the best possible use of his time for his own advantage, or that of others and thus to serve and glorify God,

And it may be further remarked, that while he laboured to obtain an extensive and thorough


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