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PAGE 152:

in this, I observe not only the great goodness of my Lord and Master to my soul, in the way of edification or upbuilding in the divine life; but that this fills and prepares me for storms, and supports me under the reproach and calumny thrown out against me on every side. The great disappointment the Dutch party have met with, instead of reclaiming them, has added fury to their rage; they think to revenge themselves upon me, though, by their own confession, I am not the cause; yet they find to reproach me is the surest way to vex my friends, who are so kind as never to mention these things to me, though all with whom I am obliged to converse have not that prudence, so that I must hear many a spiteful lie. But, blessed be God, He not only keeps me from laying things to heart, but gives a meek, humble, forgiving temper of mind, so that I can pray for, and freely forgive the worst of my enemies among men. Though the Dutch party have now entirely given over coming to Church when I preach, and hear only Mr. De Ronde, whom they call their wettige predikanty [Lawful minister.] and whom I have reason to suspect to be at the bottom of their obstinate opposition; though he has begun of late to speak uncommonly favourable of me and my sermons; though said party

PAGE 153:

use every method to make me uneasy, yet Jesus makes me triumph, and enables me to rest in Him, only desiring to be found faithful and in all things to approve myself to him in well-doing. I have enlarged too much on this."

In spite of all they could say or do, Dr. Laidlie was beloved and useful, and the Church was in a prosperous state; nay, so much had the congregation increased under English preaching, that it was found necessary to erect another, or a third place* for public worship.

[By a letter of Mr. Lott, dated Oct. 22, 1767, this building, (now called the North Church,) it appears, was then considerably advanced. The foundation was laid probably in the spring of the same year.]

The indications evident to every one, and daily multiplying, of the popularity and utility, under the Divine blessing, of the change which had been effected, served only to heighten their unfriendly feelings; and another expedient, which they tried to regain their lost influence or to make fresh trouble, was the presentation before the Governor and Council of a formal complaint against the Consistory, This was their dernier resort: but here their expectations were sadly disappointed. The Governor and Council ordered a copy of the complaint to be given to the Consistory, and recommended that the same be


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