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Single Page Chapter IV

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feet of some from a house which is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.

To return to the narrative. Mr. Livingston, it was stated, as soon as he found himself convalescent, to increase his stock of general knowledge, engaged in a pretty extensive course of reading. Nothing occurred after this worthy of particular notice, till he had his first interview with the excellent Laidlie, which took place some time in the following summer, and proved the commencement of a cordial, unreserved, and lasting intimacy between them. At this interview, it is presumed, he disclosed his purpose to consecrate himself to the ministry of reconciliation. Whether the disclosure was made then, or afterwards, the good Doctor, knowing the labours connected with the sacred employment, and perceiving his young friend to be in feeble health, rather at first seemed to doubt as to the advice it would be proper for him to give in the case; but he did not doubt long. Mr. Livingston soon convinced him that the purpose was not to be abandoned on the ground of the present state of his health, that he had fully made up his mind to attempt the prosecution of it, leaving the event with God and, at the same time, cherishing a confident hope that health would be given, and whatever else he might need. Upon the appearance

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of such piety, and zeal, and trust in God, Dr. Laidlie at once encouraged him to make the attempt, and suggested that it would be to his advantage to go to Europe, and to prosecute his theological studies in one of the celebrated Universities of Holland.

The suggestion was received with due respect. He had wished to visit that country, before this conversation took place, that he might attempt the removal of the grievances which had produced the unhappy breach in the churches here; being persuaded that if he could inform the ministers of Amsterdam of the precise state of these churches, something would be done for their benefit; and now, that another inducement to go there was presented, he thought, if there should be such a concurrence of circumstances, as to show him that Providence approved it, he would undertake the voyage.

In July, he took the degree of master of arts; and the succeeding winter, he spent in the city of New-York, The society of Dr. Laidlie, and other pious friends which he daily enjoyed; the religious meetings he frequented; the accurate and extensive knowledge he acquired of the affairs of the church during this season, rendered it both a pleasant and useful winter to him, and the sojourn was


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