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Single Page Chapter III

PAGE 104:

The text was 2 Cor. 5. xi. Knowing the terror of the Lord, we persuade men. The wishes of a large majority of the congregation were now accomplished. God, in mercy, had heard their prayers, and granted them English preaching; and, what rendered the boon peculiarly gratifying, there was good evidence that the preacher, who had been sent to them, was truly a man after God's own heart. It was, therefore, a season of thanksgiving and praise in their habitations, long gratefully remembered.

It has been said, and the anecdote is repeated, simply to show the warm and kindly feelings with which the ministrations of this eminent servant of Christ were regarded, that some pious aged persons gathered around him at the close of a prayermeeting one evening, when he had been fervently addressing the Throne of Grace, and said to him, "Ah, Dominie! we offered up many an earnest prayer, in Dutch, for your coming among us; and truly the Lord has heard us, in English, and has sent you to us." [Mag. of the Reformed Dutch Church.]

The venerable subject of this Memoir, in one of his private papers, thus speaks of Mr. Laidlie: "He was a very acceptable preacher; bold and

PAGE 105:

authoritative, commanding respect, fear, and love. The wicked trembled when he announced the terrors of the Lord, while the lambs of the flock were nourished and comforted, when he displayed the grace, care, and faithfulness of their divine and good Shepherd. He was much delighted with, and attached to, the Church Catechism; he had studied it with great diligence, and prepared excellent lectures upon every section of that precious standard of evangelical truths. By this study he became a learned and sound divine, and recommended himself greatly to the Church. In his labours, preaching, catechising and visiting the congregation, he was indefatigable. He was the first who was called expressly to preach English in the Dutch Church in America. A revival of religion then commenced; the Church prospered, and the blessing of the Lord was abundantly experienced under his ministry."

The writer has often heard an aged saint, who recurred with evident satisfaction to the hours she had spent under the preaching, or catechetical instructions of this man of God, tell of the revival alluded to in the above extract; and, from the representation given of it, it must have been a powerful and glorious work of the Spirit. From traditionary and other accounts, it appears, that


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