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resolution [Smith's Hist, of N. Y. page 163.]," He went afterwards to England, for the purpose of attending to his affairs; and while there, was the means of starting an enterprise against the pirates, at that period very numerous and destructive. It is no small evidence of the regard entertained for him, and of the confidence reposed in his judgment, that the King, Lord Chancellor Somers, the Duke of Shrewsbury, the Earls of Romney and Oxford, and other persons of distinction, engaged in the adventure, though it ultimately failed through the villany of Kid, who was intrusted with its execution.

He was connected by marriage with the ancient and very respectable Schuyler family, and had three sons, Philip, Robert, and Gilbert. Among the children of Philip were Philip Livingston, Esq. one of the illustrious band of Patriots, who signed the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE; and William Livingston, L.L.D. for a series of years Governor of the State of New-Jersey, a man of warm piety, and distinguished for the extraordinary powers of his mind.

Robert had only one son (Robert), the head of the Clermont family, as it is sometimes called, by

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way of distinction, and to which belonged the late celebrated Chancellor Livingston.

Gilbert had five sons and two daughters. Henry, his first son, was the father of John H; and of Henry, it may be said, that he was an amiable, dignified, and excellent man. Blessed by nature, with a strong mind liberally educated elegant of manners irreproachable in morals, he enjoyed, through a long life, the esteem and confidence of the community. He was for a considerable period a member of the colonial legislature of New York; and he was, by Letters patent, proprietor of the office of Clerk of the county in which he resided. This office he retained after the revolutionary war until his death. When the arduous struggle for Independence commenced, he espoused with some zeal a cause dear to every genuine American, and, throughout the contest, was a decided friend to his country.

He was born September 8th, 1714, and died February 10th, 1799, at his paternal estate, which is situate in Dutchess county, near Poughkeepsie, on the banks of the Hudson, and which is now in the possession of his grandson, Col. H. A. Livingston, having belonged to the family for more than a century.


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