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Having now considerable leisure, though he preached frequently to the Scots' congregation in this city, he diligently cultivated the study of the Hebrew language, and attempted to prepare for publication, a volume containing the original text of the Bible, in one column, and the several vulgar translations in another. The design was approved by Voetius, Essenius, Nethenus, and Leusden: and having spent much time in comparing Pagnin's version with the original text, and with other later translations such as Munster's, Junius,' Diodati's, the English, but especially the Dutch, the latest, and esteemed the most accurate translation, he sent his manuscripts to Dr. Leusden, in compliance with a request of that learned professor, expecting they would be printed and published in Utrecht. It is not known what became of the work; but shortly after it was put out of his hands, he rested from his labours on earth, and entered into the joy of his Lord. He died August 9th, 1672, aged 69 years, having resided in Rotterdam a little over nine years.

This man of God, the principal events of whose life have been thus rapidly traced, was, as before observed, the common ancestor of the Livingstons in this country: and to be descended from a person of such piety, and zeal, and distinguished

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usefulness in the church of God, is assuredly a greater honour than to inherit a princely alliance: at least, the time will come, and the writer hopes, is not far off, when even the world will so regard it. Let him not be misunderstood. He did not intend, by the remark just made, to convey an intimation, that saving grace descends by inheritance; but simply to express his conviction, that the day is not very distant, when religion will be, as it ought now to be, the chief concern of all men; when piety, though dwelling in the humblest cottage, and clothed in rags, will be universally held in higher estimation, than ungodliness, though encircled with all the splendors of royalty; and consequently, that the respect which has been paid, time out of mind, to a connexion by birth or otherwise, with the worldly rich and worldly great, will be transferred to a kindred with those whom the word of God denominates THE EXCELLENT OF THE EARTH.

But, if it be granted that, at present, little honour is by some attached to such descent, and that, it by no means secures the possession of saving grace; yet still it may be averred, that it is not altogether unaccompanied both with honour and profit.

A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's


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