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devoted, should be furnished with such an account; and your anxiety, as a Body representing the whole church, to provide, by an express synodical act, for perpetuating in this manner the remembrance of his name, evinces a feeling of pious gratitude, an ingenuous respect for departed merit a magnanimity worthy of all commendation. The Christian Public will no doubt view it in this light, and approve it.

For the honour you were pleased to confer upon me, in committing to my hands the preparation of the Biography, I beg leave to tender you my cordial thanks. Without any affectation of modesty, I can say, that I distrusted my own powers to execute to your satisfaction the work assigned me; and for some time, feared to undertake it. I felt, however, that as the appointment had been altogether unsought nay, had been made without the most remote suspicion on my part, that it was even in contemplation, I ought not hastily and peremptorily to decline it. And, when I reflected that your request remarkably coincided with a similar one, with which the venerable man saw fit personally to honour me, in a private interview with him some

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years ago a coincidence perfectly undesigned on your part, as you knew nothing of the request alluded to the call of Providence in the case appeared too strong I confess, notwithstanding my fears as to my competency, to be disobeyed. Under the conviction of duty thus produced encouraged, at the same time, by brethren for whom I entertain a high respect and hoping too that the study of so excellent a character might prove, in no small degree, beneficial to my own soul, I was induced, at length, to venture on the undertaking.

I regret that my efforts to obtain materials for the work have not been more successful; but still, those supplied by a number of individuals, are considerable in the aggregate, and many of them, of an important and interesting character. And, I would here gratefully acknowledge the kindness in particular, of Col. Henry A. Livingston, the Doctors' son, of Poughkeepsie; of Isaac L. Kip, Esq. of the City of New York; of Dr. John B. Beck, of the same city, and of his brother Dr. Theodorick R. Beck, of the city of Albany, grandsons of the late Rev. Dr. Theodorick Romeyn, of Schenectady, who was, for many years, the intimate friend and


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