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considering it to be merely ceremonial, a restriction for a few persons only; it is introduced with a general interdiction, by a very singular repetition: Ish. Ish. (Hebr.) anthropos, anthropos, (lxx.) vir, vir, omnis home, (vulg) no man, no man; our translation has it none, that is no one. A mode of address which constrains us to conclude that every individual, without any discrimination or exception, is here intended. The solemn words annexed I AM JEHOVAH are also calculated to excite the religious attention and claim the holy obedience of all. - The sanctions are also very intelligible and impressive. The depraved Canaanites are charged with being guilty of gross abominations, for which in the righteous providence of God, they were to be wholly extirpated. - And in the list of their horrible crimes, Incest is the first named and has the foremost rank. But what could have rendered incest a crime among the Canaanites? Let it be repeated, where there is no law, there can be no transgression. If the law against marrying those who are near of kin be ceremonial and peculiar to the Jews, it could have no binding power upon the Gentiles, who were strangers to Israel. What then was the law, respecting this sin, which they had transgressed? It was


surely the moral law; that very identical law which is contained in the xviii of Leviticus, and which is declared to be enacted for the very purpose of describing the nature and condemning the evil of incest - a law in which the prohibited degrees are distinctly enumerated and authoritatively forbidden. It was a law of nature and tradition to the Canaanites, with which they were sufficiently acquainted, by the dictates of conscience, to know that Incest was a heinous sin - but a law, which those who are blessed with this written precept, more distinct now understand.

4. Let one consideration more be added, with which an Infidel has no concern, but which to Christians is very interesting. It was mentioned section III. that an instance of incest occurred very early in the Christian Church. That it was directly noticed, and the Apostle commanded the Corinthians immediately, in the name of the Lord Jesus, to excommunicate the incestuous person. This command, supported by the adorable authority of the divine Redeemer, was instantly obeyed; and it is recorded in the word, as a perpetual rule, in similar cases, which binds the Church in every age and place. As


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