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this chapter, - and the unequivocal terms and phrases which distinguish this particular statute.

The chapter contains several laws against various lusts and pollutions, which are all denominated abominable. - It commences with solemn warnings against crimes of that description. Verses 1-5. - a definite and express statute against impure and illegitimate cohabitation, which was one of those crimes, is then introduced, and is the first mentioned. Vs. 6-17. - a Law against Polygamy is next added. Vs. 18. - this is followed by the interdiction of uncleanness, adultery, and obscene idolatry, vs. 19, 20, 21. - and the last is a law against unnatural lusts and sodomy, vs. 22, 23. - the chapter closes with awful threatenings against those who should dare to violate either of these Laws.

That the statute contains in verses 6-17. exclusively relates to prohibited marriages is evident - from the express designation of the crime - the definition of the subjects of the law - and the minute enumeration of the degrees of kindred which constitute the basis of the prohibitions. Any attempt to prove or illustrate this, would be superfluous.


The object of the law, and the meaning of the divine Lawgiver can not be mistaken. It is impossible to hesitate in determining, that this is a law which condemns what is called INCEST; that its immediate scope and design is to draw the line of prohibitions, and ascertain, with precision, the degree of kindred, within which God forbids the consummation of marriage.

II.  To understand this law and explain it faithfully, the following RULES are admitted as unquestionable.

1. The term near of kin specifies that degree of relation which approximates too closely to render a marriage legitimate between persons thus related - the nearness of kindred is the essential principle of the law against incest. - Any pretended criticisms on the meaning of the Hebrew sheer Bbasar are together inadmissible. Our translation near of kin conveys the exact meaning of the original, and expresses with precision, what is intended. The word signified relict, remnant, remainder, and Bbasar means flesh alimentum, pars reliqua post mortem, what remains after life is extinct. These


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