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LAW is a rule of action. The term is applied generally to all kinds of action, whether animate or inanimate, rational or irrational. Thus it is said, there are laws of motion, of gravitation, of attraction, of electricity, of mechanics, of optics. But when the word is used in relation to moral subjects and referred to the intellectual system, it denotes a standard of human actions, and comprises the precepts by which men are obligated to regulate their behaviour. In this sense, Law is "a rule of action, prescribed by a superior, invested with just authority, to determine the conduct of moral agents." *


*   Derivant nomen hoc Lex, multi a ligando, quia Lex homines obligat; alii a legendo, tum quod scripta lex promiscue legi potuerit, tum maxime quod lata praelegereturTORAH, quod a Iarah derivatum, doctrinam, vel viae monstrationem notat. GraecisNOMOS apo tou nemein quod regat ipsaregiminis sit norma, atque distribuat unicuique suum. Prof. Markius.
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