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the world, who shall dare to contravene the law of God, and dispense with a crime which he forbids.

"The Word of the Lord endureth forever." His people love that word. They know "the Law of the Lord is perfect; the Testimony of the Lord is sure; the Statutes of the Lord are right; the Commandment of the Lord is pure;" and the Church would consider it inconsistent and perilous to deliberate, whether what is forbidden by her Lord in his word, shall remain a rule of discipline. Instead, THEREFORE, of examining "whether the Canon or Church Order of the Reformed Dutch Church, declaring or adjuging a marriage by a man with the sister of a deceased wife, unlawful, as forbidden in the word of God, ought to remain or to cease as a rule of discipline in the Churches under their care and jurisdiction?" - Instead of deigning even to discuss such a question; it is most earnestly recommended, in the fear of God, and with a zeal for the purity of the Church, and the honour of Religion, that the GENERAL SYNOD will proceed promptly, decidedly, and once for all, to resolve - THAT the Reformed Dutch Church in America will not, in this, nor any other instance, admit a suggestion to depart

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from her standards, nor receive any application to rescind her Canons, which are all founded upon the word of God. - THAT the sister of a deceased wife is, by the divine law, the sister of the surviving husband. - THAT therefore, every man who marries the sister of his deceased wife, is by the law of God, and by the Canons of the Church, guilty of Incest, and shall, if a member, be cut off from the communion and privileges of the Church.



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