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verboden graden, or Incest, is found in paragraphs IV. to XI. and is here faithfully translated.


Since, agreeably to the divine, the natural, and statute laws respecting holy wedlock, which is an ordinance of God, instituted for the honourable support and propagation of the human race, it is forbidden to contract marriages between those who are related within certain degrees in blood or affinity - THEREFORE the States have expressly specified the following prohibited degrees, that all may be well informed, and none may pretend to be ignorant. Ordering and forbidding upon this subject, that no persons, whatever may be their rank, condition, or denomination, who are related in blood or by affinity, within the degrees to be mentioned, shall cohabit, or marry together, under the penalty of not only being declared infamous, but being subjected to corporal punishment and fine, as by the statutes against Incest is enacted.

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No ascendants may marry with their descendants, that is parents with their children, reckoning upwards or downwards, in infinitum.


Brothers may not marry with their sisters, whether of full or half blood.

Uncles may not marry with their nieces, that is, with their brother's or their sister's children or grandchildren and descendants, nor may aunts be married to their nephews, that is to their brother's or sister's sons, or grand children and descendants; both in infinitum; since uncles and aunts, with respect to their nephews, sustain the place of fathers and mothers.


With respect to the degrees of AFFINITY, or the relation produced by marriage: as the bond of marriage


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