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"The objection, that perhaps pious persons have committed this crime, is of no weight; for all the actions of the pious are not to be approved. - To object, that there can be nothing in the transaction inconsistent with the holiness of God, or else the precept would never have been dispensed with, as in Deut. xxv. is groundless. This is not the question, nor is it denied by us. We know that God cannot command, or even permit any thing, in opposition to his holiness, or any of the other divine perfections; nor will he do anything which is a denial of himself. But surely when he has prescribed any duties, which do not necessarily proceed from his holiness, or any other essential perfection; it can never be concluded from any particular exception or dispensation, that the law, so dispensed with by God himself, is not of a moral nature, and of universal and perpetual obligation."

"Through the grace of God, we know not, that either in Holland or throughout all the Reformed Churches, any other instance of marrying a relative so near as a sister (and nearer there canot be, unless it should take place between parents and children) has happened. If any do exist, they must be imputed

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to the wicked, imprudent and rash counsels of men, with whom we will have no connection, and who will have to render an awful account to God. - The law prohibiting Incest in general, and particularly a marriage with a sister in law, is acknowledged to be divine throghout Christendom, especially in all the Reformed Churches, and certainly in Holland. A law which subsists, even if it had not been adopted and established by the statutes of the civil Government." *

The REFORMED CHURCH is established by law in Holland, and is consequently the National Church. Her Canons are therefore recognised by the civil Government, and made the laws of the State. The Canon which relates to marriages is comprised in the Statute entitled "De politijeque ordonnantie van Hollandt, begrypende het gantsche Eghtreglement, solemniteyt, Aanteecknen, proclamatien, verboden graden van maegschap en swagerschap, overspel, &c. den. 1 April, 1580." What relates to the


*   This learned Dissertation of the Professors has been republished and may be found in Prof. De Moor's Comment, perpet. in Markii Compend. Theologiae Christianae vol. vii. quarto.


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