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death of the sister whom they had married, or by the separation of the parties, they will not only profess contrition for having offended the Church, but also for the sin itself, by which they have offended their God.

To their divine Saviour the penitent transgressors are referred; but let not their conduct, in committing this crime, be any more suggested as an example to be imitated. And let the Churches indulge the hope that whatever others may do, [1 Cor. v. 12, 13.] no members, and especially none who are esteemed for thier piety, will never again excite grief, and cause offence, by marring a SISTER IN LAW.

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WHEN a proposition has been demonstrated, and the objections supposed to militate against it are reputed; nothing more can be demanded to confirm its truth, and render it worthy of all acception. Human testimony is not requisite to establish the meaning or augment the authority of the law of God. His law possesses its own intrinsic evidence, and is its own interpreter. But if it can be shown that the greatest and best men, who in different ages adorned the Christian Church, have unequivocally concurred in adding their decided testimony, and have professed exactly the same sentiment; it will at least induce a favourable attention to the arguments, and convince the unprejudiced reader, that the expositions and reasonings are not rash and inconsiderate. - A few only will be selected from a numerous host; which shall be closed with


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