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of the

General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church,

Convened in Extra Session at Albany.

Rev. Dr. Philip Milledoler, as presiding officer of the board of Superintendents, announced the sudden departure out of this life of the venerable Professor Livingston, and that that event took place at New-Brunswick, on Thursday morning, the 20th of January last, between the hours of seven and eight o'clock. The following resolution relative to the death of Dr. J.H. Livingston, was unanimously adopted:

Whereas it has pleased the great Head of the Church to remove by death, on the 20th of January last, our late venerable friend and father in the Lord, the Rev. John H. Livingston, D.D., S.T.P. in the 79th year of his age, the 55th of his ministry, and 41st of his labours as Professor of Theology; this Synod, deeply impressed with the sentiment that believers, and especially able and faithful Ministers of the Gospel, "are the salt of the earth;" and that it is a Christian duty to lament their loss, and cherish their memory, - do resolve:

That they deeply lament the providence which has removed a man, greatly beloved, and highly useful: - That they desire, in humble submission, to "be still, and know" that God hath done it: - That they bless "the God of Israel," who hath spared him so long, made him so eminently useful, and given him so easy and happy a passage to the kingdom of glory, full of years, full of honours, and full of faith: - That they will ever cherish the most respectful and affectionate regard for a name and memory so dear.

Rev. Dr. Philip Milledoler, and Rev. Messrs. Philip Duryee and C.D. Westbrook: and the Elders, Messrs. Abraham Van Dyck


and Abraham Bloodgood, were appointed a committee to take into consideration the propriety of preparing a monumental stone, with a suitable inscription, to be erected over the grave of the Rev. Dr. Livingston, late Professor in our Theological School.

The committee reported, and their report was adopted, and is as follows:

The Committee appointed, &c. Report - That they do recommend the erection of a monument to the memory of Professor Livingston, with a suitable inscription in the Latin and English languages; and that two Ministers and an Elder of the city of New-York, and one Minister in the vicinity of New-Brunswick, together with Professor De Witt, be a committee to prepare a draft of one or more forms of monuments, with an estimate of their probably expense, together with a form or forms of inscription proposed to be engraven thereon; and that said committee report the same to the next ordinary meeting of Synod, for their selection and approbation.

                                        P. MILLEDOLER, Chairman.

Resolved, That Rev. Drs. Cannon, Milledoler, Kuypers, and De Witt, and the Elder Col. Rutgers, be the committee contemplated in the proceding report.

Synod adjourned, to meet in the city of Albany on the first Wednesday of June, 1825, at 10 o'clock A.M.

                    THOMAS DE WITT, President.
                    CORNELIUS C. CUYLER, Adsessor.
                    NICHOLAS I. MARSELUS,Clerk.
                    SAMUEL KISSAM,Clerk.

Official copy from the original minutes.

                                        JOHN KNOX, Stated Clerk.


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