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It may be or it may not be asked, who is the writer of this eulogium? and as it is usual to affix a signature to such communications, I have selected the name of Tobias Van Zandt, Alderman of this city in 1792, and then elder of the Reformed Dutch Church, an intimate friend of the pious Livingston. He, like his friend, possessed, in an eminent degree, the character of a Christian, both by precept and by example. He had, like his friend, all that equanimity of disposition, in which there was no variableness, always serene and tranquil, looking up to that anchor of hope within the veil, both sure and steadfast. All those who knew him, will give ample testimony of his kind and benevolent heart towards the afflicted, the distressed, and the bereaved. He would frequently say -

"Teach me to feel another's wo,
   To hide the fault I see;
That mercy I to others show,
   That mercy show to me."

He had many pious, steadfast friends; and there are now many pious Christians who follow the praise-worthy example of the venerated Livingston. There was also another pious Christian, of blessed memory, whose character was like that of the good Tobias Van Zandt, and his intimate friend and connexion; and such was his confidence in the Lord Jesus, that he requested his surviving family to cause these remarkable words to be engraven on his tomb-stone, and which was most faithfully performed - "THE RESURRECTION-DAY SHALL ASCERTAIN WHAT SORT OF MAN HE WAS."

The blessed consort of the writer was for a long time a member of his church; and she often expressed that she had great cause to rejoice and confide in the consoling


truths of the Gospel, as delivered by the pious Livingston, under whose ministry she was brought from darkness to marvellous light, and made wise unto salvation. During her sickness, he frequently called to see her. In one of his visits, when she lay dangerously ill, he approached her bed with a peculiar smile on his countenance: he asked her, "My dear child, what is the condition of your mind respecting the apprehensions and approach of death." She replied, "Oh, my dear Doctor, I am satisfied that the love of God has removed, in his infinite goodness, those fears from my mind. I know that my Redeemer liveth, every ready to make intercession for all those that love him in sincerity and in truth." The Doctor astonished, replied, "Oh! then, my dear child, what cause of gratitude you now evince to our blessed Lord; what joy, what consolation, this must afford your soul, to be thus convinced that you are among the happy monuments of Love Divine. Oh! my dear child, it is a great blessing to have the fear of death removed from the mind." Looking up steadfastly in the Doctor's face, she said, "Doctor, I love you - it was under your ministry I learnt all this." "My dear child," he replied, "I loved your honoured father, and I love all his dear children." Here is another remarkable evidence of Divine Love, in answering the prayers of one of his children, who, under all her sufferings, departed this life in calm composure in the faith, and in the consolations of a Christian.

It is now about forty years since he delivered his memorable discourse in the Dutch Reformed Church in William-street, to a very numerous and crowded congregation. How few now remain! A large portion of that congregation had been converted by this eminent divine; the survivers take an infinite satisfaction


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