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A FATHER in Israel is now no more on earth; his spirit has gone to the abode of just men made perfect, in the arms of his blessed Lord Jesus, who has called him home. During his pilgrimage here, we have abundant cause to rejoice in having heard from his lips the blessed truths of the Gospel; he has administered those comforts to his "dear children" for more than half a century; and we are persuaded he has gone to a Country, yea, a Heavenly Country, to inherit a Kingdom that fadeth not away.

He had a peculiar faculty in impressing on the minds of the children of men the sound doctrines of the Gospel; and when he addressed them, he appeared in all the fervency of spirit, like the apostle Paul, as though his whole soul, mind, and body, were impressed with the magnitude of the charge of his flock, whom he familiarly called his "dear children."

His piety, his erudition, his experience, his knowledge of the human character, his endowments, were not surpassed by any of his contemporaries. His suavity of manners and uniformity of deportment, in all his walks and conversations, in which there was no variableness, endeared him to all those who had the


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