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Captain John Conklin and Annetje (Joanna) Storm

Day Book
Conklin Geneology

Captain John Conklin
(16 Oct 1694, Philipsburg NY)
(15 Nov 1785, Poughkeepsie NY)
(son of Elder Deliverance Concklin and Engeltje Boechhout)
+ Annetje (Joanna) Storm 22 Mar. 1723/4
(Abt. 1701, Tarrytown NY)
(Aft. 1785, Phillipsburgh NY)
(daughter of Deacon David Storm and Esther See)

Susanna Storm Conklin (9 Jul 1724 - 22 May 1793)
John Conklin (1726 - 1790)
Engeltje Conklin (16 Jun 1728 - Aft. 1752)
Hester Conklin (5 Jan 1729/30 - 19 Jan 1812)
Abraham Conklin (24 Apr 1731 - Aft. 1806)
Lawrence Conklin (1732 - Aft. 5 May 1786)
David Conklin (9 October 1734 -)
Captain Isaac Conklin (9 May 1737 - 25 Feb 1809)
Jacob Conklin (26 May 1741 - 1813)
Matthew Conklin (17 Mar 1745/46 - 1795)

Henry Livingston, Jr. Day Book, NYHS
Nov 4 '75
Capt Jn Concklin Dr to 33 1/2 bushels of wheat he had of me last fall for seed Paid"
Henry Livingston Day Book

Conklin Genealogy
John and Annetje moved to Poughkeepsie ca. 1727, where he died in "advanced age." He was a deacon of the Dutch Reformed church there in 1765. He was known as Captain John Concklin. He is said to have been a Captain commissioned in the Dutchess County Militia, September 1755 in which capacity he led a detachment to Albany in March 1757 to the relief of Fort William Henry when it was attached by the enemy. He was a deacon 1763, also 1749, at the Poughkeepsie Church. He signed the Articles of Association in Poughkeepsie, 1775. The Articles of Association was a pact or petition signed by colonists (or at least the most prominent ones) promising to help and lend all effort to resist the British and win for this country independence from England. Some colonists would not sign. There was much hard feeling. Many who sympathized with the British were stoned, some even moved into Canada.

This may be the John Conklin who owned land in the Nine Partners Patent (Amenia) in 1751. (LDS reel 0931485) Henry Livingston, perhaps his son-in-law, was also an owner. John Conklin's will executed Aug 5 (?) 1785.

Conklin Genealogy
John Concklin of Flushing and Rye, New York, Conklin Mann, The American Genealogist, 1950.
Genealogy Data on Conklins of New York, Katharine Adams, typescript, abt.1931

John Conklin born 20 Aug 1700 at Phillips Burg (Tarrytown), Dutchess Co. NY; baptized 20 Aug 1700; married Annatje Storm, daughter of David Storm and Esther See, 22 May 1723 at Philips Burgh (Tarrytown), NY;1 died 15 Nov 1785 at age 85.

He was born in Phillips Burgh, as is proved by the marriage records of the 'Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow,' (Tarrytown) 'May 22, 1723/24 Jan Cancklie. j. m. and Annetie Storm, j.d. both born and live in Phillips Burgh,' Their first two children, Susanna and Jan (John) were bapt. in this old historic church and his wife having joined previously, he became a member of the church on Apr 2, 1726 the date that his son Jan. was bapt. and the same date that Jacobus Stoutenburgh and his wife transferred their membership from the Dutch Church of New York.

On May 25, 1725, John Conklin and John Boeckhout, his brother-in-law, bought of Evert Van Wagenen and Hillegond his wife, 770 acres of land on the south side of the now (1920) City of Poughkeepsie where he built a house and settled his family. On Feb 29, 1729/30 they divided this property and John Boeckhout received for his share 61 acres off the north end or city side. He bought the parcel back from John Boeckhout on Nov 27, 1742 for the sum of 195 pounds and sold it to his son-in-law, Henry Livingston on Dec 2, 1742, for 100 pounds, and is described as that land north of 'Rust Plaete Killitie'. John Conklin removed with his family from Phillips Burgh, (Tarrytown) to Poughkeepsie and built a house about 1725 or 26, on the banks of the Hudson River, south of the present (1920) city somewhere in the vicinity of the Phoenix Horse Shoe Works south suit of factory buildings. According to an old Map (No. 3) in the County Clerk's Office surveyed by Henry Livingston, his son-in-law, the house is shown to have stood a short distance north of 'Rust Plaete Killitie.' This house should not be confused with the old Livingston Mansion which was built by Henry Livingston about 1743 after he had acquired the Boeckhout property from John Conklin as above recorded, which was located on site of Phoenix Horse Shoe Works Office.

In 1743, John Conklin, Jacobus Van Bomell, Moses DeGraaf, and Augustus Turick, come on the list of Precinct Officers.

According to the records of the building of the 2nd Dutch Church was determined upon Feb 15, 1760 and Boudewyn Lecounte, Elias Van Benschoten, Leonard Van Kleeck and James Livingston were the building Committee. Prior to this Elder Peter Van Kleeck and Deacon John Conklin of the Conferentie party organized a bolting Consistory and called Rev. Isaac Rysdyck from Holland maintaining that the only authority was in Holland, which the Coetus party, who held that the minister could be ordained in America, had called Dominie Henricus Schoonmaker, who arrived in Poughkeepsie in 1664 for ordination and found the Church in possession of the opposing party, but went on with the services which took place under a tree not far from the present church at the corner of Main and Washington Streets, now being dismantled; thus Poughkeepsie had two ministers.

In 1771 John Conklin was one of the 20 largest taxpayers of Poughkeepsie Precinct, being assessed for 10 pounds. Records show John Kankeli Elder 1749, Deacon 1763

'JOHN KONCKLIN' was elected 'Suryayor of the fences' on April 2, 1728. On Apr 6, 1731, 'JOHN CONCKLING' was elected 'Survayor of ye Kings High Way,' 'It is agreed that the Survayor of ye Kings High Way, Shall if he See cause Employ three men in Warning the prople to Come to Work by ye Certain Day.' He was Poor Master 1739 & 1741. Was elected Assessor Poughkeepsie Precinct 1746/7 & 1747/8.

The following is an account of the highway as originally laid out by JAN CONKLIN'S Homestead, taken from the Supervisors Minutes:-

'A Road laid out by us Johannis Ter Bos and Johannis Van Vorhees May the fifteenth Day One Thousand Seven Hundred and fortey Two. Beginning at the Mouth of the Stoney Kill at the North River and so the the North Side of the house of John Conkelin from thense to the house of Hendrich Amburgh. And so the the North side of Benjamin Walkers Barn and so the the Line between Hendrick Filp and Dinnid Macabe untill it meets the Mill Road and so along said road About A half a Mile and then Easterly untill it Meets an old Road and so along that Road til it comes to a Small Creeck so over that Creeck Southerly Under the foot of the Hill near a Meadow Called the Round Meadow so as the Ground wil Alow to make a Good Road to the Kings Road.' Dutchess Ss' A True Copy on Johannis Ter Bos. Examined p Henry Livingston Johannis Van Vorhess 1742: Augst: 18 Entered Clerk

The following is an abstract of his will published by the NY Historical Society.

'Capt. John Concklin, of Poughkeepsie Precinct, Dutchess County. 'In good health but in an advance age.' 'daughter Susanna to receive 40 pounds.' 'daughter Hester, wife of Tuenis Tappan, being indebted 100 pounds, if he pays the same, she is to have a like amount with the other daughters.' 'To son Matthew all farming utensils, waggons, sleights,' etc. On the death of his widow Annitje, all the household effects to go to the daughters. [Excerpted from 'The Colonial Ancestry of Family of John Green Briggs and Isabelle Gibbs DeGrogg' by unknown geneaolgist] in 1700. He left a will on 14 Feb 1786 at will probated.


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