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National Archive
Photographs of Grahams
in the Civil War

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The full searchable catalog of National Archive photographs is available online. Xeroxes of photographs may be ordered for examination.

RG98S-CWP63.54Pvt. John GrahamGroup of 5 Men of Battery B, 1st Regt., Ill. Vol., in uniform
RG526S-NYSAG.1993Corp. Frederick GrahamA bust view, Co. C, 144th Regt., N.Y.S. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP146.48Pvt. James R. GrahamBust view, Co. B, 7th Regt., Ill. Vol. Inf. Post war view.
RG526S-NYSAG.1497Sgt. Charles GrahamA three-quarter seated view, Co. I, 89th Regt., N.Y.S. Vol. Inf.
RG526S-NYSAG.1506Pvt. Thomas Graham, Jr.A three-quarter standing view, Co. A, 90th egt., N.Y.S. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP110.25Capt. William W. GrahamA three-quarter standing view, Co. B, 39th Regt., Mass. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP104.18Pvt. Charles H. GrahamA bust view, Co. C, 67th Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP104.19Pvt. Charles H. GrahamA bust view, Co. C, 67th Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf., post-war.
RG127S-DCC.2131st Lt. George R. GrahamA bust view, Co. I, 5th Regt., Md. Vol. Inf., post-war.
RG98S-CWP 166.50Pvt. Alfred R. GrahamBust view, Co. H, 120th Regt., New York State Vol. Inf. He has a GAR badge pinned to his civilian coat.
RG98S-CWP87.60Pvt. John M. GrahamA bust view, Co. A, 16th Regt., Ill. Vol. Inf. This is a post war image
RG641S-MOL-PA4.80Capt. Thomas GrahamBust view, Co. G, 71st Regt., NYS Vol. Inf., in civilian attire.
RG98S-CWP124.93Pvt. John GrahamA full standing view, Co. K, 2nd Regt., Ill. Vol. Cav. He is pictured with his family.
RG98S-CWP 196.80Sgt. William H. GrahamWartime seated portrait, Co. A, 53rd Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP 180.37Pvt. George R. GrahamSitting image, Co. G, 39th Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf. (10th Reserves). He is pictured in civilian clothes.
RG98S-CWP19.3Asst. Surg. John GrahamWartime bust portrait, 149th Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP19.78Sgt. Levi G. GrahamWartime bust portrait, Co. I, 149th Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf.
RG641S-MOL-PA 12.30Maj. George R. GrahamA bust view, U.S.M.C. Post Civil War view.
RG98S-CWP132.802nd Lt. George W. GrahamA three-quarter sitting view, Co. E, 144th Regt., N.Y.S. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP133.11Brig. Gen. Lawrence P. GrahamA full standing view, U.S.A.
RG98S-CWP41.106Musician Benjamin F. GrahamCo. F, 23rd Regt., Iowa Vol. Inf. This is a post war image of him with his wife, Henrietta Maria Johnson.
RG98S-CWP5.7Capt. James S. GrahamPost Civil War bust image, Co. H, 21st Regt., New York Vol. Cav.
RG98S-CWP47.1Capt. Isaiah H. GrahamWartime bust portrait, Co. I, 30th Regt., (1st Res.), Pa. Vol. Inf. He is wearing a 5th Corps badge.
RG98S-CWP138.4Capt. Patrick GrahamHalf sitting view, Co. E, 54th Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf.

Send a message to the MHI Special Collections Branch. This may be accomplished in several ways:

In the message, provide your postal address and the catalog number of the photograph you desire (the "RG" number).

They will mail a photocopy of the photograph to you for your examination and approval, along with much more detailed instructions, which will include charges for the duplication of photos. Assuming that you want a copy of the photograph(s), you will then mail a check for the appropriate amount payable to "MHI Fund" and the copy will be furnished after a suitable number of weeks for processing.

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