Ancestors of
Colonel Henry Bicker

Ancestors of Col. Henry Bicker - Generation No. 1

1. Colonel Henry Bicker, born 28 July 1723, buried Sep 7, 1801.

He was the son of 2. Victor Bicker and 3. Annatjo Cregier.

He married Sophia "Fietie" Heyer 11 Dec 1745 in NYC Dutch Church. She was born 16 Mar 1726, died 15 Jul 1789, and was the daughter of Walter Hyer and Janneke "Treuntie" Van Vorst.

Ancestors of Col. Henry Bicker - Generation No. 2

2. Victor Bicker, born 21 August 1688. He was the son of 4. Victor Bicker and 5. Classajo Blanch. He married 3. Annatjo Cregier 21 Nov 1719.

3. Annatjo Cregier, born 19 Sep 1686. She was the daughter of 6. Martin Cregier, Jr. and 7. Janettie Van Doesburgh.

Children of Victor Bicker and Annatjo Cregier are:

i. 1 Col. Henry Bicker, born 28 Jul 1723 (see above)
iii. Nicholas Bicker, bap 17 Jan 1722 in NYC.
iv. Jannetje Bicker, bap 28 Mar 1725 in NYC.
v. Martin Bicker, bap 5 Oct 1720 in NYC.

Ancestors of Col. Henry Bicker - Generation No. 3

4. Victor Bicker, bap 10 Nov 1652. He was the son of 8. Gerrit Bicker and 9. Aeltie Lubberts. He married 5. Classajo Blanch 5 Nov 1679 in New Amsterdam NY.

5. Classajo Blanch, bap 14 Jul 1655. She was the daughter of 10. Jurian Blanch and 11. Catherine Cloes.

Children of Victor Bicker and Classajo Blanch are:

i. 2 Victor Bicker, born 21 Aug 1688 (see above).
ii. Aeltie Bicker, bp 19 Jan 1681.
iii. Catherina Bicker, bap 11 Apr 1683.
iv. Gerritje Bicker, bap 28 Feb 1692.
v. Anneke Bicker, bap 20 Jan 1675.
vi. Catherine Bicker, bap 22 Jun 1690.

6. Martin Cregier, Jr., born 1641 in Albany; died Abt. 1713 in Castagoa New Albany NY. He was the son of 12. Captain Martin Cregier and 13. Elizabeth Jans. He married 7. Janettie Van Doesburgh 11 Oct 1671.

7. Janettie Van Doesburgh, born Abt. 1653 in Doesburg Netherlands; of Niskayuna NY. She was the daughter of 14. Hendrick Andriesse Van Doesburgh and 15. Maritie Adamse Damen.

Children of Martin Cregier and Janettie Van Doesburgh are:

i. 3 Annatjo Cregier, bap 19 Sep 1686 (see above).
ii. Martyn Cregier, born Abt. 1673.
iii. Elizabeth Cregier, born Abt. 1675; married Daniel Van OLinda 11 Jun 1696.
iv. Margaritse Cregier
v. Catrina Cregier
vi. Samuel Cregier, bap 23 Jul 1690 in Ch: Albany; died Sep 1777 in Albany; married Geertruy Visscher 20 May 1716.
vii. Gertruy Cregier, bap 9 Jul 1693 in Albany NY; married (1) Johann Albert Heller; married (2) Ulderick Van Vanvranken.
viii. Maria Cregier, born Abt. 1680; married Johannis Vreeland 8 Jun 1701 in Dutch Reformed Church, NYC.

Ancestors of Col. Henry Bicker - Generation No. 4

8. Gerrit Bicker, born 1611-1629 in Amsterdam, No. Holland, Holland; died Bef. 21 Jun 1658. He married 9. Aeltie Lubberts.

Gerrit Bicker was in the service of the West India Company as Commissary at Fort Casimir, South River, Delaware, in charge of the fort when it was taken over by the Swedes under Rysingh. Not having any gunpowder in the fort, he was forced to turn it over without a shot being fired.

9. Aeltie Lubberts

Children of Gerrit Bicker and Aeltie Lubberts are:

i. 4 Victor Bicker, bap 10 Nov 1652 (see above).
ii. Tryntje Bicker, born 1647 in Amsterdam, No. Holland, Holland; died 1 Feb 1697; married Walter Hyer 4 Nov 1668 in NY Dutch Church; born 1643-1644 in Kingston Surrey Eng; died Bef. 1 Feb 1697.

Tryntje Bicker's husband, Walter Hyer, a bricklayer, was the great grandfather of Sophia Heyer, who married Tryntje's brother Victor's grandson, Col. Henry Bicker.

iii. Maria Bicker, born 26 Nov 1638 in Brazil; died young.

10. Jurian Blanch, born in Amsterdam North Holland; died 1662 in New Amsterdam NY. He married 11. Catherine Cloes Abt. 1642.

Jurian Blanch was a goldsmith.

11. Catherine Cloes, born in Tryntie Claeszen. She married (1) Barent Simonsen (2) Jurian Blanch.

"In the name of God, Amen. I, Catharine Blank, widow of Jurian Blank, being under bodily indisposition." "I leave to my son, Symon Barentsen, 30 shillings, in full for all pretence he may have to my estate, real and personal; he having been sufficiently provided for, during the life of my husband, Jurian Blanck; having received one half of a sloop, a wedding dinner, 2 wedding suits, a cloak, a fine red broad cloth waist coat, with silver thread buttons, one half dozen fine Holland shirts, one half dozen striped Calico neck cloths, an oyen brigg feather bed, two new blankets, and had his diett, for two years after he was married."

"And whereas my eldest son, Jurian Blanck, in consideration of 3, 12s. and a Bible by me to him given, hath released all claim to my estate, except such part as I have bequeathed to him," I leave all my estate to be divided into seven equal parts and leave thus to my children, viz.: Jurian and Nicholas Blanck, Elsie, widow of Albert Busch, Antie, widow of George Brewerton, Catalyna, wife of Frans Boon, Cleasie, wife of Victor Bicker, and the children of my deceased daughter Margaret, wife of Philip Smith, deceased, viz.: Philip, Margaret, Caetjie and Mary. And whereas my son, Nicholas Blanck, being moved with compassion for the children of his sister Margaret, hath paid for their maintenance and necessaries the sum of 106, 9s. 11d. besides other charges he has suffered as administrator of Philip Smith, deceased. If the children do not repay him then their share is to be sold to repay him.

Makes her sons, Jurian and Nicholas Blanck, and Frans Boon, Victor Bicker, Elsie Blanck, Edward Busch, Caetje Blanck, and Abraham Brewerton, executors. Dated September 1, 1698.

Children of Jurian Blanch and Catherine Cloes are:

i. 5 Classajo Blanch, bap 14 Jul 1655 (see above).
ii. Jeurian Blanch, bap 9 Apr 1645 in NY Dutch Church; married Hester VanderBeek 25 Nov 1673 in NY Dutch Church; Flatbush LI.
iii. Nicholas Blanch, bap 1 Sep 1657 in NY Dutch Church; died 1703; married Geertruyd de Lange
iv. Elsje Blanch, bap 22 Feb 1643; married Albert Bosch 1 May 1668 in NY Dutch Church.
v. Annetje Blanch, bap 15 September 1647 in NYk Dutch Church; married George Brewerton
vi. Margariet Blanch, bap 21 Jul 1652 in NY Dutch Church; married Philip Smith 17 Aug 1676.
vii. Catharine Blanch, married (1) Justus Witvelt 5 Nov 1673; died Bef. 28 Feb 1697; married (2) Frans Boon 28 Feb 1697.
viii. Casparus Blanch, bap 17 Sep 1662 in NY Dutch Church; died Bef. 1698.

12. Captain Martin Cregier, born 1617 of Borcken, Holland Netherlands; died Aft. 1703 in Niskayuna, New Amsterdam. He married 13. Elizabeth Jans 1637.

Captain Martin Cregier came to New Amsterdam for the West India Company. He was a soldier, a trader and had one of three taverns across from the Village Green on Heerenstraat (Broadway) as early as 1647. In 1653 he was made one of the first two Burgomasters of New Amsterdam. He was Burgomaster again in 1660 and 1663. His 1663 tenure was interrupted when he took a company of soldiers after the Indian party that has massacred settlers at what is now Kingston NY. He wrote of that expedition in his Journal.

13. Elizabeth Jans, born Bef. 1623 in Amsterdam North Holland; died Bef. Jan 1661.

Children of Captain Cregier and Elizabeth Jans are:

i. Catherine Cregier, bap 1643 in New Amsterdam 5 Apr 1643; died Abt. 1713 in Flatlands NY; married (1) Christopher Hooglandt, born 23 Jun 1661 in New Amsterdam; married 30 Nov 1688 (2) Roelof Martensen Schenck (1619-1705).
ii. Francis Cregier, born 1637 in Maastricht, Limburgh Holland; died 1666; married Wallburg De Sille
iii. Sarah Cregier, born Abt. 1647.
iv. 6 Martin Cregier, Jr., born 1641 (see above).
v. Lysbeth Cregier, bap 24 Nov 1647 in Dutch Reformed NYC.
vi. Tryntje Cregier, bap 31 Dec 1645 in Dutch Reformed NYC; married (1) Roelof Martenszen Schenck; married (2) 23 Jun 1661 in NY Dutch Church, Christoffel Hoogland.
vii. William Cregier, bap 28 August 1644 in Dutch Reformed NYC.

14. Hendrick Andriesse Van Doesburgh, born Abt. 1625 from Doesburg Gelderland; died 1664 in Beverwyck, New York. He was the son of 28. Andre Van Doesburgh. He married 15. Maritie Adamse Damen 4 Dec 1649 in Amsterdam Netherlands.

15. Maritie Adamse Damen, born 1611 in Delfhaven, Netherlands; died 1712 in Schenectady NY. She was the daughter of 30. Adam Damen.

Child of Hendrick Van Doesburgh and Maritie Damen is:

i. 7 Janettie Van Doesburgh, born Abt. 1653 (see above).

Ancestors of Col. Henry Bicker - Generation No. 5

28. Andre Van Doesburgh

Child of Andre Van Doesburgh is:

i. Hendrick Andriesse Van Doesburgh, born Abt. 1625 (see above).

30. Adam Damen, born Abt. 1580 in Netherlands.

Child of Adam Damen is:

i. 15 Maritie Adamse Damen, born 1611 (see above).

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