Patricia Morse-McNeely

Watching the waves slide swish-quiet
On silent, quiescent sand
Listening to the never-ending murmur
Of the sea
My heart grows strong again.
The salt on my cheeks mingles
With the salty brine of tears -
I run again in memory along the beaches
The granite bulders hot on bare feet
With sunbeam's sparkles
The cooling waters curling ankle deep
And the soft mud-squish like ancient shoes
Between my toes, around my feet.
I throw my arms up, wide and high,
Fingers spreading, reaching,
To catch at down-white feathers
Of screeing gulls
With black-tipped wings
Beating near -
Wheeling and swooping
Diving and gliding
Floating high on clear white-scented air
To blend with white cottony floats
In a blue-filled sky, pale and deep,
Like dreams, never quite reached
Yet felt within.
flight Feeling the sand gritty-soft and burning
The whisper-silent stillness of the beach
Beneath star-filled skies,
Moon-speckled, glistening,
Glowing waters --
The wind snatching at my heart beats,
Soft caressing bare shoulders, shivered
With its lover's kiss --
Brushing my lips with a cool light tenderness
Curling pulsing arms around me
Whispering --
And I am comforted.
empty(Apr 21, 1983)

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