To "Jimmy Crockadock"
Patricia Morse-McNeely

In Memory of
James Craddock, schoolmate

Long years ago, a summer's day,
emptyA buzzing hum was there
And childish voices rose and fell
emptyIn rhythm on the air.
A little girl, who read quite well,
emptyA tall slim boy, stained blue --
Funny - through all these long, long years.
emptyI well remember you.

How haltingly you read or spelled,
emptyYet how magically could draw,
With those long and narrow fingers,
emptyYou wove a world of awe:
The aeroplanes, the steamers tossed
emptyUpon a swift-drawn sea --
I watched each line, and through the years,
emptyThe memory stays with me.


How long you lived, I do not know,
emptyNor when you passed away,
But come swift to mind, whene'er I draw
emptyAnd on a summer's day,
The magic of a thin, tall boy,
emptySkin blue-stained, and frail,
Whose dark deep eyes brought art alive
emptyAnd to my dreams set sail.
empty(Mar 8, 1967)

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