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Elder Deliverance Conklin + Engletje Boeckhout

Elder Deliverance Conklin
b: 1672-1675, Rye, Westchester Co, New York
d: Aft Nov 1736, Phillipsburg, Westchester Co., New York
+ 2 Oct 1695, New York Dutch Church
Engletje Boeckhout (daughter Matthys Broeckout &
      Elizabeth Ellsworth)
b: 11 Mar 1678, NYC
d: Nov 1736
+ Antje Jochems Van Wert
Helena Magdalena Conklin
   b: Bap: 28 Oct 1696, Haarlem NY d: Bef 31 May 1729, Tappan NY
Matthys Conklin
   b: Abt 1698, Haarlem NY
   d: Bef 25 Jan 1776, Orange Twp NY
   m: Sophia "Feytje" Mabie
Captain John (Jan) Conklin
   b: 16 Oct 1694, Phillipsburg NY; d: 15 Nov 1785, Poughkeepsie NY
   m: Anatje Or Annatje Storm
Heydeman (Edmund) Conklin
   b: Bap: 10 Mar 1704, Tarrytown NY
   m: Maritie Valentine, (2)Maritie Heyart
Engeltje Conklin
   b: Bap: 22 Aug 1705, Tarrytown NY
   m: Stephen Ecker
Deliverance Conklin, Jr.
   b: Bap: 22 Aug 1705, Tarrytown NY
   m: Aeltje Storm
Elizabeth Conklin
   b: Bap: 1 Jun 1708, Tarrytown NY
   m: Johannis Brouwer
Catharina Conklin
   b: Bap: 16 Aug 1710, Tarrytown NY
   m: Thomas Travis
Sara Conklin
   b: Bap: 25 May 1714, Tarrytown NY
   m: Johannes Slot

Elder Deliverance Conklin (1672-1675 - Aft Nov 1736)
p80 Deliverance Conklin's will was dated 18 Jun 1762 and probated 20 Dec 1762. den 2 Sept. Delivery Stantely, j.m., van Rhye, en Engeltje Boeckhout, j.d., van N. Yorck, beyde wonende alheir. Getrouwt den 2 Octob.

Descendants of Jan Boeckhout
Residence: 21 Aug 1717, Philipsburgh, Westchester Co., NY, United States. 77

Baptism Location: New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New York, NY, United States. 33

Engeltje married Deliverance Conklin, son of John Conklin and Helena, on 2 Oct 1695 in New York, NY, United States.31 Deliverance was born about 1670 in Rye, NY, United States.30,31

Marriage Notes: Deliverance & Engeltje were married on Oct. 25, 1695 (license dated Sept. 2, 1695) at the New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church in NY City, as evidenced from this parish register entry:

"den 2 Sept. Delivery Stantely, j.m., van Rhye, en Engeltje Boeckhout, j.d., van N. Yorck, beyde wonende alheir. Getrouwt den 2 Octob."

marriage intentions

Noted events in their marriage were:

Marriage Location: New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church, New York, NY, United States.

General Notes: The following information is an excerpt from "The Settlement of Philipsburgh" by Mackenzie, which appears on Lisa Shea's web site:

"Deliverance Conklin son of John and Helena, born in Rye probably about 1670, moved to New York where he married Engeltje sister of Jan Buckhout and about 1697 settled in Philipsburgh, probably on the lower part of the Pocantico River on the leasehold bought from the Commisioners of Forfeitures by his great grandsons Isaac and Jacob."

The Old Dutch Reformed Church of Tarrytown, Westchester County, NY does show the following entry in the Member Register (1697 - 1778):

"Aug. 21, 1717
#117. Deleverins Cankely, and
#118. Engeltie, his wife"

Deliverance & Engeltje appear as witnesses to the baptism of their granddaughter, Leena Ecker, daughter of Steven Ecker & Engeltje Conklin, on Oct. 10, 1736 at the Tappan Reformed Church, Rockland Co., NY.

Noted events in his life were:

Residence: 21 Aug 1717, Philipsburgh, Westchester Co., NY, United States.
78 Parish Records - Old Dutch Reformed Church - Tarrytown (Sleepy Hollow), Westchester Co., NY, The Second Book of Church Minutes, Member Register (1697 - 1778).
shows entry # 117 Deliverins Cankely and # 118 Engeltie, his wife on Aug. 21, 1717.

Long Island Surnames

Married Engeltje (Angelica) Boeckhout, 2 Oct 1695, New York Dutch Church

Delivery Stantely, j.m. van Rhye en Engeltje Boeckhout, j.d. van N. Yorke' marr Sept 2, 1695; in NY Hopper Stricker Mott in NYG&BR v. 45

p394 corrects this, saying the record given above, from the N.Y.G. & BS Coll. v. 1, p239 should be: Deliverance Conklin.

Deacon, Sleepy Hollow Church 1718-1735. Elder in 1735. He and wife Engletje acted as sponsors 1734, no. 816. ODSCH. Both received into Tarrytown Ref. Dutch Church; Aug 21, 1717.

Engeltje was bp. NYC Mar 11, 1678, dau of Matthys Boeckhout & wife Elizabeth Ellsworth (dau of Theophilus)

Honor Conklin and her research associates have determined that Deliverance and his siblings were not the children of John Conklin of Southold and Huntington. Honor's research contributions are staggering, and her careful fingertips can be found on almost all the Conklin information. She is an absolute blessing to genealogical research.

Honor Conklin's Long Island Genealogy

As of 30 Jan 2007
Deliverance CONKLIN (2*)
Res Phillipsburgh, NY

b [ca 1675 Adams, ca 1672 Mann] at Rye, NY [according to marriage, New Amsterdam DRC]
m Engeltje (Angelica) BOECKHOUT, 1695 02 Oct, New Amsterdam DRC, now New York City, NY.

"delivery Stantley, j.m. Rhye, en Engeltje Boeckhout y.d. van N. Yorck, beyde woonende achier / Getrout den 02 Oct", spelling from film of actual church record of the New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed Church (now Collegiate).

"Delivery Cantely [Deliverance Conklin] j.m. Rhye, en Engeltje Boeckhout y.d. van N. Yorck, beyde woonende achier / Getrout den 02 Oct dau of Matthys Janszen Boefckhout, son of Jan Boechout who emigrated 1662 on the "De Purmerlander Kercke" ["The Elsworth Family of New York City" NYG&B Record V. 64, N. 2, 1933, p. 160 says the original says Delivery Kankelin in correction of the published church records, both in error.]

dau of Matthys Jansz. and Elizabeth (Ellsworth) Boeckhout of Lower Yonkers and Sleepy Hollow (Tarrytown), NY

Honor Conklin's on Name Correction

This is another correction in the NYGB Record for the error in their New Amsterdam Dutch Reform Church records that records the name of Deliverance Conklin as Delivery Stantley:

New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, V. XLV, N. 4, Oct. 1914, p. 394

On page 80 of Vol. I of the Collections of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society appears the marriage of Delivery Stantley, a young man of Rhye, to Enjeltje Boeckhout of New York, on Oct. 2, 1695. Their eldest child was baptized Oct. 28, 1696 (Vol. II, 239). There the father's name is spelled Deliverance Canckten. Other children were baptized at Tarrytown, N.Y. between 1700 and 1716. In the Records of the Speelpy Hollow Church, the father's name suffers other changes, viz: Leverens Canckele, Canckle, Kankle, Cancely and finally Delefferins Cancklie, the wife in each instance remaining the same. The present method of spelling the name is Conklin. H.S. Mott, 226 W. 58th Street"


Post of Feb 13, 2001:

Delivery Stantley actually Delivery Kankelin, ie Deliverance Conklin.

Randolph, Howard. "The Ellsworth Family of New York City..." NYG&BR, V. 64, N. 2, 1933, p. 160 footnote:

"In the marriage record as printed, his name is given as 'Delivery Stantley of Rhye' but this is in error. A careful reading of the original shows it should be 'Delivery Kankelin' - Deliverance Conklin."


Certificate of Identity, 30 Aug 1701, includes scan

Transcribed by Honor Conklin, with Debi Starr Leitch, 26 Nov 2013

Certificate of Identity, written by Edward Collier

These may Certifie all persons whom these presents may concern or Come That Nicolas Conklin John Conklin Deliverance Concklin Joseph Conklin & Samuel Conklin And Kathrine Jochim the wife of Garrett Jochim & Mary Dutcher the wife of Barnt Dutcher are the Brothers and Sisters of Edmund Conklin and are the Sones and Daughters of John and Elenor Conklin Deceased and are - all living in the County of Westchester & province of New York In Testimony whereas We whole names are underwritten have hereunto put to o[ur] hands this thirtieth day of August in the thirteenth Year of his Majesties Reigne Anno Dom. 1701

Edward Collier Recorder
of the Borough and Town of
Mary Collier

Families Living in Philipsburg in 1698

Posted 10 Feb 2012 by Laceroseayla


During the first years of the settlement, the growth of the community was slow. At the time of the organization of the church in 1697, there were probably not more than seventy five persons of all ages living in Philipsburgh. * The next few years showed a more rapid growth, a number of families having settled here around or just before 1700. In 1712 the population was 309 and 39 salves. **

* The statement of Governor Bellmont that there were only "twenty poor families" in Philipse Manor in 1698, is an understatement. There were nearly forty. Nineteen families are on record as living in Philipsburg at that date:- Lourens Matthys Bankers (7), Deliverance Conklin (4), David Davids (3), Barent de Witt (5), Abraham de Revier (3), Wolfert Ecker (5), Jan Ecker 94), John Foseur (4), Francois Guiliamse (6), Jan Harmse (3), John Hyatt (7), Thomas Hyatt (2), David Storm (4), Peter Storm (3), Isaac Sie (5), Peter Sie (2), Jochem Woutersz Van Wert (6), Gerret Van Wert (5) and Robert Williams (5). The number in parentheses are the number of persons in each family as determined from church and other records, totaling 83. A few other families who were definitely here shortly after 1698 may have come before that date. The census of 1698 lists twenty one families living in Yonkers, Lower Yonkers.

**Census record:- 7 men and 7 women over sixty, 62 men and 61 women between sixteen and sixty and 86 boys and 86 girls.

The settlement before 1700 would seem to have been confined to the shore of the Hudson except for the See family at Nanegeeken, now Thornwood, and David Storm at East View. The earliest Dutch, Huguenor and Walloon families were located chiefly in the vicinity of Tarrytown and Irvington, with a few to the north of Tarrytown.


Deliverance Conklin son of John and Helena, born in Rye probably about 1670, moved to New York where he married Engeltje sister of Jan Buckhout and about 1697 settled in Philipsburgh, probably on the lower part of the pocantico River on the leasehold bought from the Commissioners of Forfeitures by his great grandsons Isaac and Jacob.

Deliverance Conklin PDF

Deliverance moved to NYC where he married in RDC on 2 Sep 1694 Engeltje Buckhout/Boeckhout, daughter of Matthys Janszen Boeckhout and Elizabeth Ellsworth of Lower Yonkers and Sleepy Hollow NY.

Jan Boeckhout came from Leyden to New Amsterdam 1662 on the "De Purmerlander Kercke" with wife Hannah and five children. His son Matthys settled in Philipsburgh and was a member of the Philipsburgh Church.

The Elsworth Family of New York City. NYG&B Record V. 64, N. 2, 1933, p.160. About 1697 Deliverance and Engeltje moved to Philipsburgh Manor, NY, on the lower part of the Pocantico River where he was a tenant farmer.

Children's baptismal dates (see above) from Marriage and Baptismal Registers, RDC Church, Philipsburg, Tarrytown NY

The American Genealogist, No. 103, Vol XXVI, No.3, July 1950, John Concklin of Rye, Conklin Mann, p138
6. Deliverance2 Concklin (John1} was born in Rye, N.Y. (then in connecticut), according to his statement made at the time of his marriage. The date probably was about 1672. On 2 Oct. 1695, he married [New York Dutch Church], Engeltje [Angelica] Boeckhout, baptized 11 Mar. 1678 [[New York Dutch Church], daughter of Matthias Janszen Boeckhout of New York, Lower Yonkers and Sleepy Hollow. Her father was that "Capt. Matthias Boeckhout who sailed a coaster," and her mother, Elizabeth, daughter of Theophilus Ellsworth. [See Ellsworth Family, New York Gen. and Biog. Record, vol. 64.] The marriage took place while the Boeckhouts were in Lower Yonkers, and it seems probable that Deliverance was in residence there or with his brother John in Fordham.

After his marriage, he evidently lived in New York for a few years. About 1700, Deliverance removed to the Sleepy Hollow section of Philipsburgh. He and his wife joined the church there 21 Aug. 1717, and are Nos. 117 and 118 on the roll. He was elected a deacon in August 1718 and again in 1724 and an elder in 1735. In 1718 he was an assessor of Philipsburgh. The date of his death has not been found, but several manuscript genealogies state that he died about 1752. He and his wife Engeltje appear many times as sponsors at Sleepy Hollow baptims, the last on 29 Nov. 1736, when they were sponsors for their grandson Deliverance, child of Abraham3 and Maritje (Brouwer) Concklin.

Children of Deliverance2 Concklin and Engeltje Broeckhout (all but the first two baptized at Sleepy Hollow and parentage given):

30     i.  Helena, bp. 28 Oct. 1696 (New York Dutch Ch.); sponsors, Matthias
                Broeckhout and his wife Magdalena Rutgers.  She m. at Tarrytown,
                2 Mar. 1720, Jeremiah Mabie, b. Harlem, living at New Rochelle.
                She was dead by 31 May 1729.  On 25 July 1730, he m. Annatie
                Namburgh, widow of William Brower.
31    ii.  Matthew, b. ca. 1698, probably in New York City or Philipsburgh.

32   iii.  John, bp. 20 Aug. 1700; sponsors, John Hermance and Maritje Concklin.

33    iv.  Heydeman (Edmund), bp. 10 Mar. 1704; sponsors, Jacob Van Weert
                and Beelitje his wife.
34     v.  Leverens (Deliverance), a twin, bp. 22 Aug. 1705; sponsors, Isaac
                Sie and Antje his wife.
35    vi.  Engeltje, a twin, bp. 22 Aug. 1705; sponsors, Gerrit Van Weert and
                Cathalyntje his wife.  She m. at Tarrytown, 15 May 1725,
                Stephen Ecker, b. Philipsburgh, son of Wolfert Ecker.  Note: in
                printed records of the Sleepy Hollow Church, the marriage 
                immediately following that of Stephen Ecker and Engeltie Concklin 
                is given as that of Jan Willemse and a second Engeltje Concklin
                on 29 May 1725.  The Burhans copy of the same records (N.Y.
                Gen. and Biog. Soc. Library) gives the marriage as that of
                Jan Willemse and Sara Smit, a statement proved correct by the
                baptism of Jan Willemse's first child, Rissert, on 2 Apr. 1726,
                parents Jan Willemse and Sara, and by parentage of children
                baptized later.
36   vii.  Elizabeth, bp. 1 June 1708; sponsors, Jan Boeckhout, Elizabeth
                Gardenier; m. at Tarrytown, 22 Sept. 1733, Johannis Brower,
                b. early in 1702, son of Samuel Brower and Grietje his wife.         
37  viii.  Catharina, bp. 16 Aug. 1708; sponsors, Jan Woet, Christina
                Van Weert; m. at Tarrytown, 30 Aug. 1729, Thomas Strefus,
                b. White Plains, both living in White Plains, she b. Philipsburgh.
                The name Strefus also appears as Trabus, Treefus, Triffus, and 
                probably is Trairs.
38    ix.  Abraham, bp. 25 Mar. 1712; sponsors, Abraham Van Dyck and
                Elizabeth his wife.
39     x.  Sara, bp. 25 May 1714; sponsors, Jan Van Tassel, Sara Kuyper;
                d. young.
40    xi.  Zara, bp. 21 Aug. 1716; sponsors, Jan Van Tassel and 
                Catherine his wife; m. at Tarrytown, 25 Apr. 1741, Johannis
                Slot, b. in Westchester, living in Philipsburgh. 


Posted 02 Oct 2013 by neilandjoyce1

ENGLETJE BOECKHOUT WIFE OF DELIVERANCE CONKLIN (a.k.a. Canckten, Canckele, etc. and Stantley).

She was bpt. 11 March 1678 NY RDC.

Her parents - Matthys Janszen (Boeckhout) and Lysbeth (Elizabeth) Elswaerts

(Ellsworth) were betrothed 16 May 1675 and married 9 June 1675. NY RDC Marriages - Matthys Janszen, j. m. Van Leyden, en Lysbeth Elswaerts, j. d.

Van N. Yorke, beyde wonende alhier. 9 Jun.

Her father was the son of Jan Boeckhout of North-Rhine Westphalia and was baptized MATTIS in the Lutheran Church, Leiden, Netherlands, 10 January 1649 as the s/o Jan Boekholt. Her father went by the patronymic Jansen (Janszen, Janzen) for years before adopting the surname of Boeckhout (and variants).

Jan Boeckhout came to New Netherland in 1663 with his wife Hannah (unknown maiden name and unknown origin - possibly Westphalian, perhaps Dutch) and five children. Mattis (Mathias, Matthys, etc) was the eldest child.

Engletje Boeckhout's mother was born in New York while her father Theophilus (Christofel, Stoffel) Ellsworth (Elswaerts) was born in Canbridgeshire, England. Her father immigrated to Amsterdam by 1647 where he married Annetje Jans of Amsterdam. Netherlands. Theophilus Ellsworth and his wife Annetje Jans came to New Netherland c1650.

NY RDC baptisms - 10 Jan 1655: Lysbeth d/o Stoffel Elswaerts; Witness Lysbeth Twillarts

Based on this info it may be concluded that the wife of Deliverance Conklin was a mixture of New Netherland Dutch consisting on one part Dutch, one part English, one part German and of an unknown fourth part possibly German

(Westphalian) or perhaps Dutch. Earlier ancestors might well add to the already mixed heritage.

Kent DeGeer

Marriage Listing

Name:               Engeltje Boeckhout
Spouse Name:        Delivery Stantely
Marriage Date:      1695
Marriage Place:     New York City, New York, New York
Marriage ID:        2220287966
Other Comments:     On microfilm at Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Source:             The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (quarterly), 
                      1880, selected extracts
Publisher:          New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
Publication Place:  New York, NY
Page:               82

Marriage Listing

Name:               Engeltje Angelica Boeckhout
Spouse:             Deliverance Conklin
Marriage Date:      2 Oct 1695
City:               NY Dutch Church
County:             NY
State:              NY
Source:             Edmund West, comp.. Family Data Collection - Births. 
                      Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2001. 

Engeltje's Baptismal Listing

Name:               Engeltje Boeckhout
Father:             Matthew Boeckhout
Mother:             Elizabeth Ellsworth
Bap Date:           11 Mar 1678
City:               New York City
County:             New York
State:              NY
Source:             Edmund West, comp.. Family Data Collection - Births. 
                      Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2001. 

Conklins as witnesses at baptism
Appearing as witnesses for the 19 Aug 1724 baptism of Engeltje, dau of Jan Boeckhout and Marietje, Phillipsburg

Details of Edmund Conklin Estate
Interesting Interchange on Deliverance Conklin

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