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Sidney Breese, et al

3rd Gen Susan Bayard Breese 3rd Gen
+ Rev. Samuel Finley Snowden

Rev. Samuel Finley Snowden
[Samuel, Sidney]
+ Susan Bayard Breese 1794
(15 Nov 1774)
(8 Jun 1848)

Samuel Breese Snowden [married Jane Hume]
Mary Cox Snowden [married Dr. Roswell Post Hayes]
Ebenezer Hazard Snowden
Arthur Henry Snowden [married Laurentini Araminta Bogardus]
Susan Snowden [married Lt. Joseph Steele Gallagher]
James Anderson Snowden [married Sarah Sophia Holden]
John Bayard Snowden [married Aspasia Seraphina Imogene Bogardus]
Robert Ralston Snowden [married Fannie Dora Cook]
Sidney Snowden [married Eliza Mitchell]
Elizabeth Ann Snowden [married George Redfield]

Breese book
Samuel Finley Snowden was the second son of Isaac Snowden, for a long time Treasurer of the City and County of Philadelphia, a man of large wealth, who had his town-residence in Philadelphia, and his country seat at Princeton NJ. It was said of him by Commodore Stockton that he "surpassed all the Princetonians in his munificence and splendor. He drove his four in hand in princely style." His father, John Snowden, was a landowner in PA as early as 1678. Six of his seven sons were graduated at Princeton: he wished them all to be ministers, and five of them became such. His second son was graduated at the College of New Jersey in 1786, with the highest honor of his Class, began the study of law, "and was leading a gay and fashionable life" when a great change came over him, and "he was led to consecrate himself to God," and to the Christian ministry.

"His theological studies were pursued at Princeton, under the direc­tion of Dr. Witherspoon and Dr. Stanhope Smith, who esteemed him very highly," and his first pastorate was over the First Presbyterian Church of Princeton, to which both Dr. Witherspoon and Dr. Smith had ministered before him, though he was its first pastor. "I-lis father gave him the deed of a house with 300 acres of land, on the edge of Princeton." In this relation he continued from 1794 to 1801, when ill health compelled him to retire. On his recovery "he became pastor, successively, of the churches of New Hartford and Sackett's Harbor [a military station-[, in the State of New York;" and "while residing at New Hartford he had much to do with the founding and establishing on a solid basis of Hamil­ton College, and was a Trustee of that institution .... He was a model of clerical manners, a gentleman of the old school, and had great conversational powers," knew "how to introduce religious topics with the happiest effects into every circle of society." His ministerial labors were greatly blessed. His favorite studies, in which he excelled, were the ancient languages, belles-lettres and history, sacred and profane. He died in Brownsville, N. Y., in 1846, at the age of seventy-eight years.

The records of the Snowden family have suffered severe loss through the destruction by fire, some years since, of the house of Rev. Ebenezer Hazard Snowden, one of the sons of Samuel Finley Snowden, and, more than others, the family registrar. All his papers were burnt. But this cousin of mine still lives, and, together with his brothers Arthur Henry and Robert Ralston, has aided me to make as complete a record as possible of the Breese-Snowden line of descent. Col. Snowden, a grandson of Rev. S. F. Snowden, has at his place Annesdale, near Mem­phis. Tenn., portraits in oil of his grandfather and grandmother Snowden, painted in New York more than forty years ago, which are well executed, and thought to be good likenesses.

4th Gen Ebenezer Hazard Snowden 4th Gen
+ Elizabeth Alison Smith

[Susan, Samuel Sidney, Samuel, Sidney]
Ebenezer Hazard Snowden
(27 Jun 1799, Princeton NJ)
+ Elizabeth Alison Smith 15 May 1826
(d: 1847)

Samuel Hazard Snowden
James Glassel Snowden [married Rildah Mariah "Maria" Smith]
Mary C. Snowden [married John Metcalf]
Susan Breese Snowden [married Desba Patton]
Matilda B. Snowden [married James M. Williamson]

He was named for his half grandaunt's husband, Postmaster Ebenezer Hazard.

Jane Chevalier + Captain Joseph Arthur
Abigail Arthur + Postmaster General Ebenezer Hazard
Jane Chevalier + Garland Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson + Colonel Samuel Breese
Susan Bayard Breese + Reverend Samuel Finley Snowden
Ebenezer Hazard Snowden + Elizabeth Alison Smith

History of Luzerne County
Ebenezer Hazard Snowden, retired clergyman, Forty Fort borough, was born June 27, 1799, at Princeton, N.J., and is a son of Samuel Finley and Susan (Breese) Snowden, natives of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and of Scotch and English origin, respectively. Our subject is the third in a family of ten children. He was educated in a select school at New Hartford, N.Y., Hamilton College and Princeton Theological Seminary. He was admitted to practice law in the supreme court of New York, at Utica, in 1821, and was licensed at Newtown, L.I., in 1825, and ordained at New York City in 1826.

His first charge was at St. Augustine, Fla., where he remained three years; was then pastor at Brownsville, near Sacket's Harbor, three years. He then came to Kingston, where he was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, eight years; thence went to Warren, Bradford Co., Pa., as pastor for two years, after which he moved to Plymouth, and established a church, remaining five years, after which he went to Larksville, where he founded a church known as the "Snowden Memorial Church", and was there five years. He then moved to Forty Fort, where he now resides, his home being known as "Snowden Cottage".

Our subject was married May 15, 1826, to Elizabeth, daughter of Waters and Mary (Allison) Smith, natives of New York, and of English descent. This happy union was blessed with six children, four of whom are now living, viz.: Mary C., wife of John METCALF, a farmer of Huntington township, Luzerne county; Susan B., married to Desba Patton, of Cleveland, Tenn.; James G., married to Maria Smith, and residing in Castalia; Matilda B., married to James M. Williamson, a merchant of Oakland, Cal. The mother of these dying,

Mr. Snowden married, for his second wife, Caroline Adams, daughter of Ebenezer and Rebecca (Snediker) Adams, of Newburgh, N.Y.; she died in January, 1892.

Mr. Snowden is a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Wilkes-Barre; in politics he is a Republican.

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