Elizabeth Breese

Sidney Breese, et al

3rd Gen Samuel Sidney Breese + Helena Burrows 3rd Gen

Samuel Sidney Breese, Helena Burrows
[Samuel, Sidney]
Samuel Sidney Breese
(26 Sep 1768, Philadelphia PA)
(15 Oct 1848, Sconondoa, Oneida NY)
+ Helena Burrows 29 Dece
(5 Jan 1861)

Samuel Breese [married Orphia Jane Bacon and Laura C. Shepard]
Margaret Breese [married Joseph Roby]
Elizabeth Breese [married Augustus Caesar Stevens]
Catherine Breese [married Syracuse Mayor Nathan Fitch Graves]
Hellet Breese
Helen Platt Breese [married Syracuse Mayor Nathan Fitch Graves]
John Sidney Breese

Family Memorials - A series of Genealogical and Biographical Monographs, on the families of ..., Breese, ...", Edward Elbridge Salisbury, 1885
My aunt, the wife of Samuel Sidney Breese, born in 1782, had for her mother Margaret Forman, a daughter, as her father was a son, of one of the two original proprietors of Middletown Point, N.J. Her mother having died soon after the War of the Revolution, and her father not much later, she was taken, in May 1796, by her uncle General Jonathan Forman (father of Mrs. Henry Seymour of Utica, N. Y. and grandfather of Gov. Horatio Seymour), to Cazenovia. N. Y., to make her home with him there. [The source of Henry Seymour Lansing's name!]

Excellent portraits of Samuel Sidney Breese and his wife, by their nephew S. F. B. Morse, are in the possession of their grandsons Sidney and Arthur Breese, at Oneida, N.Y. Samuel Sidney and Helena (Burrows) Breese had, beside one child who died an infant of a few days, six children.

Obituary, New York Observer
Samuel Sidney Breese was educated under the care of the Rev. Dr. Woodhull of Monmouth NJ whose school stood upon the ground where the battle of Monmouth was fought. He soon after entered upon the study of the law in the office and under the direction of Judge Boudinot of Newark NJ. [In 1789 he received the honorary degree of Bachelor of Arts from Yale College.]

After being admitted to the bar he practiced his profession a short time at Shrewsbury NJ but soon after removed to Cazenovia NY and was one of the first settlers of that place, being then occupied as a clerk of the Holland Land Company. He was also the first Clerk of Chenango County [then including the present counties of Madison, Chenango, Chemung and Tioga.] In 1807 he removed to Whitestown, and became the law partner of the late Judge Jonas Platt. In 1813 he gave up the practice of the law, and moved to the farm [then "in the wilderness of Sconondoa and Oneida"] which he occupied till his death. He represented his district in the Legislature, and was a delegate in the former Convention to form a new Constitution. These public stations he filled with ability and integrity. Mr. Breese was a good citizen and an ardent lover of his country. He was a man of unobtrusive manners, loving and seeking retirement. He was also a man of the most incorruptible and approved integrity in all business transactions. He was an indulgent husband and father, an affectionate and firm friend, and as we trust a sincere Christian. All his hopes centered in Jesus Christ.

History of Chenango and Madison Counties, New York
When Chenango County was first formed the records were kept at Cazenovia, and Samuel Sidney Breese, of that village, was appointed the Clerk of Chenango County March 19, 1798. ...

LAWYERS.--Cazenovia was an early field of legal enterprise, and while it was the county seat from 1810 to 1817, it attracted to it men of somewhat distinguished ability in the legal profession. Schuyler Van Rensselaer and Samuel Sidney Breese established themselves in practice here towards the close of the last century, but Van Rensselaer remained here but a short time. Breese was the first Clerk of Chenango county, receiving the appointment March 19, 1798. He practiced here as late as 1808. He removed to Oneida county, which he represented in the Constitutional Convention of 1821, and in the Assembly in 1828.

4th Gen Elizabeth Breese 4th Gen
+ Augustus Caesar Stevens

Augustus Caesar Stevens
(d: 1845)
[Samuel Sidney, Samuel, Sidney]
+ Elizabeth Breese Jun 1, 1842
(b: 2 March 1808)

Sidney Augustus Stevens
Mayor Breese Jacob Stevens
Charles Edward Stevens
Helen Breese Stevens [married George H. Sanford]

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5th Gen Madison WI Mayor Breese Jacob Stevens 5th Gen
+ Mary Elizabeth Farmer

[Elizabeth, Samuel Sidney, Samuel, Sidney]
Madison WI Mayor Breese Jacob Stevens
(22 Mar 1834)
(28 Oct 1903)
+ Mary Elizabeth Farmer 1865
(b: 11 Nov 1844, Syracuse NY)

Helena Breese Stevens [married Charles D. Walcott]

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Mayor of Madison WI from 1884-1885. Regent of the University of Wisconsin.

4th Gen Catherine Hallett Breese 4th Gen
4th Gen Helen Platt Breese 4th Gen
+ Syracuse Mayor Nathan Fitch Graves

[Samuel Sidney, Samuel, Sidney]
Syracuse Mayor Nathan Fitch Graves
(17 Feb 1813, Oneida co NY)
(5 Feb 1901, New Haven CT)

+ Helen Platt Breese Jun 1, 1842
(2 Jul 1814)
(20 Jul 1844)

+ Catherine Hallett Breese 23 Nov 1845
(18 Mar 1811)

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[Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century]
GRAVES, NATHAN FITCH, financier, was born Feb. 17, 1813, in Oneida county, N.Y. In 1852 he became the first president of the Burner bank; and was one of the founders of the Buchtel college.

Family Memorials - A series of Genealogical and Biographical Monographs, on the families of ..., Breese, ...", Edward Elbridge Salisbury, 1885
Catharine Hallett, born Mar. 18, 1811; who married Nathan Fitch Graves Esq., now a highly respected lawyer of Syracuse, N. Y., who has been also Mayor of that city, Nov. 23, 1845, without children; and is still living. She is a natural artist, and it is she who painted the copy of the portrait of my grandfather Breese mentioned above, which was a present from her father to my mother.

Elizabeth Penkethman
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