John Antill, et al

4th Gen Major John Antill 4th Gen
+ Margaret Colden + Jane Colden

[Edward, Edward, John]
Major John Antill
(1744, Piscataqua, NJ)
(1816, Canada)
+ Margaret Colden 22 Apr 1770

Major John Collins Antill [Major 76th Regiment of Foot, died in Ceylon]
Henry Colden Antill
Eliza Hope Antill [married Cadwallader Colden]

+ Jane Colden

Edward Antill [invalid with epileptic fits]
Alexander Colden Antill

John Antill married two sisters, granddaughters of Governor Cadwallader Colden, and daughters of Alexander Colden.

New Jersey Biographical Sketches, 1665-1800
The sketch given by the writer of Major John Antill, fourth child of Edward Antill, 2d, and of his descendants, is very fully and interestingly supplemented by his Australian offshoot. John Antill, b. 1744; m. 1st, Margaret Colden, dau. of Alexander Colden, of Coldenham, Dutchess county, N. Y.: 2d, Jane, dau. of same. He was Major of the Second Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers (Loyalists); d. in Canada in 1816.

Christ Church, New Brunswick, New Jersey

5th Gen Henry Colden Antill 5th Gen
+ Eliza Wills

Henry Colden Antill
(1 May 1779, New Brunswick, Middlesex, NJ)
(14 Aug 1852, Jarvisfield NSW)
[Major John, Edward, Edward, John]
+ Eliza Wills 9 Oct 1818
(10 Sep 1802)
(30 Sep 1858, St Leonards. NSW)

Henry Colden Antill, Jr. [married Teresa Hatch]
Margaret Campbell Antill [died at age 29]
John Macquarie Antill
[married Jessie Hassall Campbell]

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Antill - Colden - Morris
Henry's father-in-law
Descendant's involvement with Australian Football
Grandson, Major General John Macquarie Antill, Jr.
Descendants of Henry Colden Antill
Descendants of Governor Lewis Morris

General John Macquarie Antill and John's daughter, Rose Antill-de Warren, wrote THE EMANCIPIST, An Historical Drama in three acts.

[New Jersey Biographical Sketches, 1665-1800]
Henry Colden, b. 1779; left America at an early age, and served in the army in India, receiving a medal for courage shown at the Battle of Seringapatun. He returned to England, where he spent a few months, and then went to New South Wales, as aide-de-camp to Governor John Macquarie, of that Colony. He eventually settled there, married Eliza Wills, in 1818, and d. in 1852 on his estate at Jarvisfield (so called by him after Gov. Macquarie's estate in Scotland), Picton, N. S. W. Part of this estate is called Coldenham.

John Macquarie, b. Liverpool, N. S. W.; named after his father's friend, Governor Macquarie.

[Elizabeth Macquarie's Journal.
15 May - 25 December 1809]

Records an account by Elizabeth Macquarie of the voyage from St. Helens, England to Port Jackson, New South Wales (via Madeira, Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town) on board the naval storeship Dromedary, accompanied by the man-of-war H.M.S. Hindostan.

Also travelling on the Dromedary with the Macquaries were their servants (George Jarvis (manservant), Robert Fopp (butler), Joseph Bigg (coachman), Mrs. Ovens (cook), Mrs. Jones (waiting woman for Elizabeth Macquarie)) Deputy Judge-Advocate Ellis Bent (and his wife and son), Captain Henry Colden Antill, Ensign Alexander Huey, Ensign John Maclaine (Elizabeth Macquarie's nephew), as well as other officers and rank and file of the 73rd. Regiment, and 136 women and children.

The Dromedary was commanded by Samuel Pritchard (Master), with a crew of 102 sailors.

Original held in Mitchell Library, Sydney. [ML Ref: C126]

[History of Radcliffe Area]
HENRY COLDEN ANTILL, a neighbour of Owen Bowen, was born in New York. He arrived in the Colony aboard HMS Dromedary on 29th December 1809. Antill was an Aide-de-Camp to Governor Macquarie, and he ultimately established an Estate near Picton called "JARVISFIELD". In 1828 during a drought Antill was forced to send his sheep and cattle to the Molonglo Plains. He established an estate at Primrose Valley which was to remain in the family until 1862 when it was acquired by Thomas Rutledge and absorbed into "Carwoola".

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