The Method of curing FIGS
Edward Antill

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society
2nd Edition, 1789, pp266-267

GATHER the fullest and plumpest figs when ripe and fit to eat, in a dry day, when the dew is off, and in the wain of the moon, spread them on the same hurdle you cure your raisins upon, turn them twice a day and an hour before sun set cover them from the dew, and from rain: When the figs are dry, they must be taken from the stage in the middle of a dry clear day, when they are yet warm with the heat of the sun, and put them into earthen jars and press them down flat close, putting a little dried fennel at the bottom and on the top, the cover of the jar must be daubed all round with clay and horse dung and put away in a dry cool place where they will keep the year round sound and good, or may be transported to any place abroad.

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