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[Zack Mulhall and Daughter Lead Parade]

Oakland Tribune, 17 Aug 1913

With practically every man or woman who has ever achieved fame for skill, strength or daring as broncho busters rough riding lariat throwers or in another of the lines of sport and competition which are the thrills and excitements of life in the cattle country, competing in the special series of competitions which have been arranged as an added rfeature to the performances of the Oklahoma Ranch Wild West Show, which takes place on the Lake Merrit show grounds, at Twelfth and Fallon streets Monday and Tuesday in August is a xx xx xx noon and evening it is safe to say that no such series of exhibitions has ever been seen in Oakland before.

On Monday morning a remarkable pageant will parade the principal streets of the city. There will be hundreds of horses and picturesque riders and a half dozen or more bands of music.

The regular exhibition will open with a picturesque line-up of all the celebrities with the show including Col. Zack Mulhall, the famou Oklahoma ranchman, rider and sure-shot and his scarcely less famous daughters, Lucille and Georgie Mulhall, who have won prizes all over the world for their daring and expert riding, and Otto Kline, the spectacular hero of the Calgary Stampede. There will be prize-winning cowboys and cowgirls from the Pendleton Round-Up, the Cheyenne Frontier Day and the Great Stampede, which drew xx people from all over Canada and the American Northwest to Calgary last fall, to say nothing of some who competed at the recent Salinas Rodeo. There will be noted Indian chief, from the Sioux, Nez Perces, Cheyenne, Comanche and other tribes. There will be Mexican bull fighters.

A performance of great diversity is promised. There will be thrilling border dramas, in which scores of Indians in war paint and feathers, old scouts, cowboys and other Wild West characters will be utilized. Border bandits will rob the Overland mail, hostile Indians will attack a pioneer's train, a horse thief will be apprehended and punished according to the laws of Judge Lynch, cowboys and cowgirls will illustrate the sports and pastimes of the modern ranch, and as a big extra feature there will be a sensational polo game, in which racing autos are used instead of ponies.

The route of the big street parade on Monday will be as follows: Leave the Lake Merritt show grounds at 11 a. m. and march down to Twelfth, to Alice, to Fourteenth, to Washington, to Eighth, to Broadway, to xx in San Pablo to Clay, to Tenth, to Alice, to Twelfth and back to the show grounds.

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