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Manitoba Free Press, 14 Jun 1913

With Indians and cowboys, cowgirls and Cossacks, Mexican vacqueros, broncho busters, lariat throwers, sharpshooters and frontiersmen, of almost every kind, Arlington and Beckman's Oklahoma Ranch Wild West show, comes to Winnipeg for two days, beginning Monday, June 18, with performances both afternoon and evening. Two trains of cars and double length circus cars at that, are necessary to transport this organization, and as a consequence the Happyland Show Grounds are the only ones in this city big enough to accomodate them. The show will arrive on Sunday and spend the day in rest preparatory to the Winnipeg engagement.

Monday morning at 10 o'clock, the free street parade, which, with its hundreds of riders, its tour bands of music, tableau wagons, and steam calliope, is said to be more than a mile in length, willl leave the show grounds and cover the principal streets of the city. The exact route will be published in the Free Press Monday morning.

Colonel Zack Mulhall, of Oklahoma, founder of the town of that name, hero of a dozen thrilling and sensational border exploits in the days when the six shooter was the only law the "bad men" recognized, and familiarly known as the "father of this state," leads the parade, and is in charge of all the arena performances.

Chief among these are his daughters, the handsome Lucill Mulhall, winner of the first prizes for fancy roping and slick and fancy riding at the stampede in Calgary a year ago, and who has already signified her intention of defending her titles at the Winnipeg stampede next August.

Next in fame to her is Otto Kline, a sinewy young 22-year old cowboy, who dwarfed into insignificance every other masculine contender at last year's stampede in Calgary. He won first prize for the trick and fancy riding, first prize in the Wild Horse race, third prize in the broncho busting, and fourth prize in the steer bull dogging, and he, like Miss Mulhall, will return to Winnipeg next August to participate in the great stampede here.

Homer Wilson, chief of the cowboys, would undoubtedly win the fancy roping at the stampede if his services from the Oklahoma ranch could be spared long enough to allow him to compete. His feat of roping four horses running abreast with both right and left hands simultaneously, is said to have never been equalled, nor has any other cowboy ever succeded in throwing a single lariat over eight horses galloping abreast as he does at every performance.

A game of auto polo, sensational to the highest degree, takes place at both afternoon and evening perforamnces. In addition to all these features, there are many other exhibitions of the sports and pastimes of the far west. Owing to the demand for tickets there will be a down town ticket office established both show days at Cross, Goulding & Skinner's Piano company on Portage avenue, where all tickets will be on sale at the same prices as charged on the show grounds.

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