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Cedar Falls Record, 15 Jun 1916

What is without question the greatest array of rough riders, steer ropers and real dyed-in-the-wool cowboys and Cowgirls ever assembled will appear at the Frontier Days Celebration and Stampede at the Cedar Falls Fair Grounds for three days and nights beginning Tuesday afternoon June 13th, in open competition to contest the supremacy among riders and ropers of the western plains for purses amounting to $3,000.00.

Among the one hundred rough riding cowboy and cowgirl contestants are Eddie McCarthy, world renounced broncho buster from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Chas Mulhall, Mulhall, Okla., J.C. Davis, Round Up, Wyo., Walter F. Robbins, recently of Barnum and Bailey Circus, Chas Aldridge, the famous star of the Bison Film Co., Sam J. Garrett, recently of Barnum and Bailey Circus, L. Blaucett, Penelton, Ore., Be Ho Gray, recently of 101 Ranch, Henry Morris, Alberta, New Mexico, Charlie Ervin, Cheyenne, Wyo., Miss Dollie Mullens, Calgary, Canada, Miss Lucille Mulhall, the world's greatest horse woman, Mulhall, Okla., Dave McCume, Cheyenne, Wyo., Harry Spingold and Chuck Randall of the 101 Ranch, George, Charles and Bert Weir, Monument, New Mexico, Lon and Clay MacGonial, Monument New Mexico, Geo. Mayer, East St. Louis.

Two cars consisting of sixty wild horses direct from the Cheyenne, Wyo, Fair Grounds and the following noted bucking bronchos will arrive tonight and will be unloaded at the Fair Grounds: Tango Liz, High Tower, Aaibird, Money Wrench, Jesse Willard, Zeppelin, Yellow Fever, Ish-ka-Bibble, Two Step, Windmill, Ford, Wolf Creek, Grey WOlf, Cannon Ball, Grave Yard, Tomb Stone, Coffin Lid, Hell on Earth, Wild Bunch, Bad Land, Jesse James, General Villa, Obregon, The Border Kid, Preparedness, I Be Dam, and Blue Blazes.

A carload of wild longhorned Mexican Steers will arrive late today from Mulhall, Okla., and will be unloaded in a large corral erected directly in front of the Grandstand, from where they will be turned loose from a chute each afternoon and evening during the celebration and hotly pursued by horse and rider until finally roped and thrown, after which the steer is "hogtied and ready for the branding iron, showing the usefulness of the lariat in everyday life of the cowboy.

George Weir of Monument, New Mexico, the Champion Steer Roper of the world, together with the expert ropers of our great west will rope against time for first honors each day. Some very fast time will be made and the spectators will be shown one of the most interesting and exciting events of the celebration.

In the bucking horse riding contest in which both cowboys and cowgirls participate, Eddie McCarty, world renowned broncho buster, who has twice carried away first honors at the Cheyenne Round-Up will be featured. Scores of mankilling outlaw horses in whom the manhating instinct never dies, snorting, pawing and kicking as they are led out on the end of a rope to be saddled. These notorious outlaws will battle for their freedom and attempt to lose their riders. The Frontier Days Celebration management will pay $25.00 for every horse brought in that the cowboys cannot ride, and farmers and stockmen are requested to bring in their bad horses. The outlaw horses used in this contest are not trained to buck, but are ones that never will peacefully submit to saddle and bridle.

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