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How Miss Mulhall Roped Her Steer
The Topeka Daily Capital, 15 Feb 1902

From the Wichita Eagle's account of the roping contest held in connection with the gathering of the cattle men this week:

Miss Lucille Mulhall of Mulhall, Ok. T, roped and tied her steer with the best of them and won the fourth prize by doing it. As she was preparing for the fray, the crowd cheered her, and when the steer was turned loose, they cheered every move she made. She was mounted on a little bay pony that knew his business, and the steer was the biggest one of the bunch. He was a red one that had plenty of speed.

A drizzling rain had been falling for an hour and none of the ropes were in a good condition. THey were stiff and hard to handle and seemed as they were simply a wire strand. Miss Mulhall took the rope and started east after her steer. She knew her business, as she did not wear herself out swining the rope and she showed the best generalship, for she made her first throw in the best possible position. The rope fell over one horn and slipped off.

The crowd were cheering all of the time. People danced up and down and waved their hats and handkerchiefs. In getting her rope in her hands again and trying to get it in proper position, her hat was knocked off, but she did not stop. The steer had been going toward the east fence all of the time, but the guards headed him off and he was started back as the young lady got ready to go after him again.

She started him west and he was going for all he was worth. When almost in front of the grandstand she made her cast, and the rope fell over the steer's head as well as any of the old-time cowboys could do it and better than any had accomplished it during the afternoon. She swung her rope around the steer's legs, and in less time than it takes to tell it, he was down and down hard. That steer was thrown hardest of any animal during the day. It was a great rumble when the animal struck the ground.

< The pony braced himself and held the animal fast. The little lady slipped off the horse and ran to the animal. She climbed on top of him, and then the crowd did yell and began to come from all directions. The men on horses rode up to watch her tie him and she tied him good. It was rather hard work to pull the big legs of a big steer up close together and tie them fast, but she did it and id it good. She had her steer tied in two minutes and two seconds and won the fourth prize. When she got off and went to the steer the crowd ran in to help, out of respect, and this slightly embarrassed her and she could have tied the teer in a great deal less time if given a better chance. She holds th eworld's record for throwing a steer in 26 1/2 seconds.

After she had accomplished the feat the crowd surged around her and shook her hand and warmly congratulated her on her success.

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