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The Coffeyville Daily Journal, 18 Jul 1905


Some of its Features and What it Means to Coffeyville
Lucille Mulhall to Be Here

Col. Zach Mulhall, general live stock agent of the Frisco system, with headquarters at St. Louis, accompanied by George Munson, one of St. Louis best known newspaper men, arrived in Coffeyville this morning. THey came here in the interest of the Coffeyville Inter-State and Territorial exposition, which takes place September 8, 9 and 10, and are the guests of Attorney H. C. Dooley.

Col. Mulhall will have full charge of the colossal amusement features of the exposition and will have the greatest riding and roping carnival ever seen anywhere in America. The chief attraction, of course, of the Mulhall riding and roping carnival will be Miss Lucille Mulhall and other memebers of Col. Mulhall's noted family. Miss Lucille Mulhall and other members of Col. Mulhall's noted family. Miss Lucille Mulhall is recognized as the premier horsewoman and her daring feats in riding and roping are the marvel of the age. She is at present resting at her father's famous ranch at Mulhall, Ok., after her performances at the New York horse fair at Madison Square Garden, New York City, and more recently at the world-renowned Bliss Ranch, 1010, which the Miller Brothers own. Mixx Mulhall captured New York and her millions of people by her marvelous, brilliant and unexcelled work in the famous Madison Square Garden, the the elite of New York society were so thoroughly captivated with her astonishing performances on her trick horse, The Governor, and in roping and tieing the wildest steers of the plains, that an offer of $10,000 was made Col. Mulhall to have her continue another week there - the biggest offer ever made any star before the American public in any line of the show business. Col. Mulhall refused the offer for this year. It stands open for next year and Miss Mulhall, whom the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Coffeyville exposition will see at her best in competition with the world's most famous riders and ropers for the handsome prizes the exposition will offer, will again show New York and the East what a Western girl born and reared on the plains, can do in her beautifully artistic handling of horse and steer.

"I am very much impressed withthe idea of your exposition," said Col. Mulhall this morning at Col. Dooley's office. "I like your energetic, hustling management and your citizens will show the world, in my judgment, the biggest, best and brightest exposition with its combination of attractions, the Southwest or West at least will ever have seen. Your committee, consisting of Mayor R. E. Vaughn and Attorney H. C. Dooley, in their recent visit to St. Louis met with a royal reception by our business men and shippers and Coffeyville can rest assured St. Louis will be splendidly represented at your exposition. The railroads will help you. I had a talk yesterday with George Morton, general passenger and ticket agent of the M. K. & T. railway, and he said his system would assist by low rates and otherwise, in bringing people to your city. This means a great deal to you. The Katy system will be a powerful source of help to you, and backed by the energetic interests of General Passenger and Ticket Agent George Morton, you can rest assured the Katy will help you wonderfully. So will the Missouri Pacific and Iron Mountain system. Both of these great railroads want to see the Coffeyville Inter-State and Territorial exposition a big winner."

"I am greatly impressed with the general prosperous appearance of your thriving city," said Col. Mulhall, comtimuing. "It is lively, your business men are hustlers and my opinion will no doubt be shared by the thousands who will be entertained within your hospitable gates.

"In my recent travels throughout the Southwest I have heard a great deal of favorable talk about your coming big show, and that means it is being well advertised and will be handsomely supported. Let each man, woman and child of Coffeyville keep it in mind, and the outside public will learn of it through a variety of channels," said the colonel enthusiastically. "And you folks will see the greatest gathering of people ever seen in any city of Kansas and a good many of your sister states."

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