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With a Woman Roper, the Cowboy Band, Plenty Fine Steers
Excitement Promised

El Paso Herald, 20 Dec 1902

The roping contest for the carnival is expected to prove one of the biggest and best attractions and the promotors are busy arranging for the event.

The announcement yesterday that Miss Lucille Mulhall,t he lady roper, would enter the contest, has greatly pleased the promoters, as her presence is certain to be a big drawing card.

She has roped at the leading events of this kind all over the country and has never failed to make a hit or draw good crowds.

A roping contest is naturally an event that will draw well in this section of the country and as the best lariat tossers of the day have entered, it will be an unusual event this time.

The spectacle of a cowboy chasing a frightened, wild Texas steer across a field, lariat in the air and every muscle of steer, horse and rider strained for the ordeal, the former injury and escape and the rider and her faithful steed trying to overtake and throw the infuriated, untamed beast, is a spectacle that makes the blood of the average spectator tingle. It arouses all the latent energy and creates enthusiasm as very few other things can.

Exciting Time Expected
The contest here is expected to be as exciting as any that has ever been pulled off, as Manager Boone is securing the best steers that he can possibly get and with such an aggregation of ropers as has already entered, there will be enough doing to satisfy everybody.

To make matters more realistic and exciting the cowboy band of the 'Frisco road, will be in attendance at these roping events. This band is alone a big attraction for any affair that it attends and at the recent Dallas and San Antonio fairs was the hit of the day. The members of the band are in charge of Colonel Zack Mulhall and attired in their typical cowboy uniforms, they excite curiosity and admiration everywhere. They are usually mounted and can get about the town in short order. They are never afraid to play and give as much music as all the other bands combined.

With Miss Mulhall, the cowboy band and the natural popularity of a roping contest, the management hopes for a very successful affair and the carnival association members cannot help but believe that it will be one of the best cards of the entire show.

Contest for Linesmen
The roping contest and the drillers' contest are each features that will attract people for hundreds of miles. These, so far, are the only contests arranged, but another is talked of. The electricians want to have a pole climbing and wire stringing event and speaking of the matter this morning one of the agitators for this attraction said:

"I think the carnival directors should give the linemen a chance at some of the prize money.

"There are a nunmber of good linemen in this city who are fast climbers who would enter into a contest of that kind and which would prove, I believe, quite an interesting attraction.

It would not cost the association much to put up a few small prizes and to place say three or four, thirty foot poles and have the boys enter a race to climb them and string the wires and make all the necessary connections.

"The same thing was done in San Antonio while I was there. As a first prize a purse of $25 was put up; as second prize a purse of $10 and as a third prize a purse of $5. This made it attractive to the boys and gave them a chance to make their money back. The carnival people could charage a small entrance fee and I believe they could make it a paying proposition."

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