The Cascade, Emile Munier

his son became famous and rich. Henner studied drawing first under Charles Goutzwiller, at the seminary at Altkirch, and from there passed into the studio of the painter Gabriel Guerin in Strasburg. From Strasburg he went to Paris, where he had Drolling and Picot for masters, and in 1858 the old father had no longer the necessity to assist him. In that year he won the Prix de Rome, and for four years was supported by the French Government while he continued his studies. "Sleep" was his Salon picture for 1880 and was the success of the year. He commenced to win his medals in 1863, and has now taken a full series; he has been an Officer of the Legion of Honor since 1878, in which year he took a first-class medal at the Universal Exposition.

Adolphe Weisz, the painter of "It is I!" is a Hungarian by birth, from Buda, but studied art in Paris under Jalabert. He carried away a medal at the Salon of 1875 and has since repeated his successes. The scene of his picture is a private box of the Paris Opera House on the night of a masked ball. His heroine has been

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Emile Munier

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