Sleep, Jean Jacques Henner

of the fight. The painter of this picture, Emile Bayard, was born at Ferte-sous-Jouarre, in the Department of Seine-et-Marne, in 1837. In 1853 he entered the studio of Cogniet. He was poor, and supported himself by designing illustrations for books and newspapers. His first exhibits at the Salon were of drawings. He served as a volunteer during the Franco-Prussian war, and in 1870 exhibited a superb drawing representing the battle of Sedan. This drawing made his reputation. It was purchased by the State, and won for him the decoration of the Legion of Honor.

Philippe Parrot is an esteemed painter in France, where he is principally employed by decorative and idyllic subjects. He was born at the village of Excideuil, in the Dordogne, and his early life was a long struggle with poverty. He contrived to support himself while studying at the Ecole des Beaux Arts by painting on tea-caddies and cheap fancy boxes for the holiday season, until in 1868 he won at medal at the Salon, when his prospects improved. He was again medalled in 1870 and 1872, and in 1878 won another badge of distinction at the Exposition Universelle. His "Spring" is an excellent example of his sound and conscientious art. Georg Papperitz is one of the modern German artists who have been largely influenced by the French school. he studied originally at Munich, where he indeed still has his studio and home, but worked also in Paris, and is a regular exhibitor at the French exhibitions. His style is broad, his color rich and harmonious, and he is especially happy in such subjects as "An Idyll," two wood-nymphs, one of whom pipes a melody of evening tribute to a bust of the god Pan, while the landscape darkens in the fading day and a new moon makes a pale crescent in the sky.

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Jean Jacques Henner

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