A Quiet Nook, Carl Schweninger, Jr.

consented to pose for the artist under condition that her face should be covered so as to prevent her from being identified, and this added piquant interest to the magnificent art displayed in the picture. As a matter of fact, however, it was only the figure of a professional model. While posing for Gervex she had, in a spirit of fun, put on a ball mask which was hanging to the wall, and the effect was so original that the artist used it for his finished picture. "The Young Connoisseur," by Paul Prosper Tillier, is a fair-haired girl who examines an etching or engraving. The artist is a native of Baupere in the Vendee and a pupil of Leon Cogniet. William Kray illustrates another page of the Rhine legends by his "Lorelei and Igorne." In "Attention" Miss Coomans shows a Greek girl, who has been preparing an offer of incense and flowers to her household deity, on the terrace, and who interrupts it to watch curiously something which is occurring or some one who is passing in the street below. "Fragility" is one of a series of decorative panels painted by J.F. Ballavoine for the boudoir of a Paris mansion. The subject is a fair social enchantress who, after a great ball, has disrobed and casts herself wearly on her ouch, and in doing so has broken the pearl ornaments she wears in her hair. A natural idea might suggest itself to a possibly cynical observer that the jewel was not the only fragile object in the picture. C. Schweninger, Jr., is the son of the eminent German landscape painter, Carl Schweninger. The elder Schweninger was born at Vienna in 1818, and was one of the most esteemed painters in his line of his time. His son was his pupil, but also

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Carl Schweninger, Jr.

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