The Nymph Arethusa, Adelheid Salles-Wagner

said to be numerless, and they are headed by the coveted Medal of Honor, which was awarded him in 1879. He has been an Officer of the Legion of Honor since 1878. His wife, Mme. Pauline Marie Carolus Duran, who was born at St. Petersburg, is also a painter of merit.

Another of the great modern exponents of figure painting in France, though in a totally different feeling and manner to Carolus Duran, is Leon Basile Perrault, who was born at Poitiers in 1832. He was a student under Picot and Bouguereau, and obtained an Honorable Mention for his very first exhibit at the Salon, in 1861. He took his first medal three years later, and many of his works have been acquired by the State for various museums. His pictures are well known in the United States, where they have long been popular with collectors. In addition to easel

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Adelaide Salles-Wagner

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