The Infancy of Bacchus, Joseph Victor Ranvier

The Infancy of Bacchus, Joseph Victor Ranvier

was the centre of a refined social circle. he died upon his return to France. "A Trick at Cards represents a Spanish gypsy girl, who is giving a sleight-of-hand performance before some impromptu rural audience in a country barn or the stable of an inn, the customary theatres for these entertainments of the itinerant mountebanks.

Another example of the fantastic invention of Luis Falero is presented in "The Departure of the Witches." This is a section from one of his famous pictures whose suggestion he derived from his studies of the Faust legend, and is a composition worthy of those creative geniuses in ancient art who followed the lead of Holbein and made "The Dance of Death" a vehicle for the free fling of their fecund imagination. The idea is, of course, that the witches and warlocks and their hideous attendants making their annual aerial flight to their common congregation place upon the Brocken, as veraciously detailed in the old legend. Carl von Bodenhausen, a well-known German artist, is admirably represented by his "Voices of Fairyland," a picture which attracted much attention in the exhibitions of his native country some years ago. It is a time-honored German story which it illustrates; telling how a maiden whose home was embittered by harsh parents and sisters, a sort of Cinderella, as it might be, fell asleep beside a haunted stream, and was awakened by the voices of the pitying fairies, who presaged for her a grand future, which in due course came to pass, for she was wooed and won by a handsome

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