Cherries or Roses?, Leon Herbo


and executed decorative work for great mansions and palaces, especially for the Tuileries, the Elysee, etc. Chaplin died, very rich, two years ago. He had been an Officer of the Legion of Honor since 1877. P.L. Bouchard is a French artist, of what some critic has classified as the School of Gerome. He is a Parisian, and made hsi studies at the Ecole des beaux Arts in the class over which M. Gerome exercised direction. "In After the Bath" he shows the interior of a bathing room, where the favorite of the harem has been making her ablutions. M. Bouchard is, as a draughtsman and colorist, and in his style of painting, one of the foremost of living French artists.

Some of the ablest of modern German painters have of late years turned their eyes to the Orient for subjects, and among the most successful of these is E. Richter, of Berlin. He is a graduate of the Munich Art Academy, and his renditions of the supple charms of the beauties of the harem have been widely distributed by reproduction in various forms. In "At her Ease" he gives a scene from the Alhambra at Grenada, where he made many studies in the famous old palace of the Moorish kings, which the Spanish Government preserves as a species of national monument. It is one of the queens of the royal harem who awaits the coming of her lover. She stands in the doorway opening on a balconied staircase, holding in her hand the rose, the flower of love, which has been sent her as a token. In her splendid dress, enriched with costly jewels, her attitude and expression, she affords

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