Fritz Zuber-Buhler



Fritz Zuber-Buhler (1822-1896)
[Fritz Zuber Buhler]
Pupil of:   Picot and Grosclaude

The prohibited book is the one which is always certain to be read. This young person has been commanded not to read a certain novel - and she takes it to bed to read and dream over. Fritz Zuber-Buhler, the artist, was born at Locle, in Switzerland. Locle is a town chiefly devoted to the manufacturing of watches, and as the boy had a taste for drawing he was employed to engrave designs on the cases of the higher priced pocket time pieces. In its small way, this engraving for the jewellers is a profitable business to the employees, so Zuber-Buhler was able in time to go to Paris to study painting. He there was a pupil of Picot and of the Swiss painter Grosclaude, and under them became an accomplished technician, while he developed a power as a colorist quite uncommon with painters of his nationality.

"The Gypsy" of Fritz Zuber-Buhler is one of those itinerant dancing-girls common in portions of Southern Europe still, who reclines by the roadside in the forest to doze and dream away the summer noonday.

Fritz Zuber-Buhler in "The Dew" represents her as a lovely spirit almost spectral in her pale beauty, who flies over the landscape which is shimmering in the moonbeams, shaking out from the tresses of her golden hair the pearls of moisture which fall upon and refresh the earth. It is a charming conceit, and rendered with a sentiment and feeling which rank it among the very best works the artist has produced.

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